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Sunlighten Spotlight: ReCover NYC

The biggest trend in fitness this year is not the workout itself, but the recovery afterwards.  Ahead of the trend is ReCover studio in midtown Manhattan, the city’s first studio dedicated to recovery. ReCover NYC provides science-backed modalities that not only recover from neuromuscular imbalances, but systemic imbalances as well. Systemic imbalances interferes with cognitive functions, stress management and detoxification. At ReCover, they focus on the “Who, When and Why”. They ask the question, “Why are you here? What are you looking for?” With this information, they create a plan independent of what your life demands are and help you create the best version of yourself possible. Their mission is to provide a better recovery with the best technologies for the greatest experience in life, work and play.

Services offered aim to restore, reshape and reboot the body include a Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning machine (CVAC) that fluctuates atmospheric pressure to create a systematic cellular massage, NuCalm technology to repair the autonomic nervous system and a Sunlighten 3-in-1 sauna for cellular detoxification and deep muscle recovery.  The sauna is a client favorite as they In the sauna, their clientele are able to relax from the stress of everyday living, detoxify their bodies from heavy metal toxins, or sweat it out with a weight maintenance or customized high-intensity program. Relaxing, and receiving a higher dose of infrared creates an ambiance that is perfect for the weary New Yorker.

So, why did ReCover choose Sunlighten Saunas for their facility? Aaron Drogoszewski and Rick Richey wanted to provide their customers a sauna that would assist with personal health and well-being. They chose Sunlighten for their business because after all their research, it was clear that this would provide the best therapeutic value for their clients, and so they invested in two mPulse 3-n-1 infrared saunas.

The mPulse saunas are one of their highest revenue producing services in their facility. Clients like being able to customize each session and utilize the built-in media apps like Netflix and Pandora.  

Sauna sessions start at $1.50 a minute for those that want to try out an infrared sauna or work up to a longer session. They offer packages starting at $45 for 30 minutes for one person or $65 for two. The mPulse is included in other packages, depending what the person needs such as stress relief, sleep issues and for detoxification from heavy metals and each package has at least 2 to three other services bundled together for the deepest therapy possible. ReCover has membership packages for those who would like to use the saunas more frequently.

Aaron stated, “People love the saunas. They love the ability to just sit and relax and catch up on their shows with the Netflix app or listen to their favorite music with the Pandora app and get some quality me time”.

ReCover would highly recommend Sunlighten Saunas to any company that is looking for a way to help their clients reach weight loss goals, reduce stress levels, and removes heavy metals from their body and the infrared saunas are even better when paired with other health management programs and equipment.

If you’re in the NYC area, schedule some recovery time!  Visit for a full list of services. 

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