Sunlighten’s Connie Zack Talks Infrared Saunas with The Wellness Show’s Randy Alvarez

Randy Alvarez, host of TV’s terrific program, The Wellness Show, also has a great podcast (appropriately named The Randy Alvarez Podcast), on which our own Connie Zack was lucky to be interviewed recently.

Connie, one of Sunlighten’s owners, was Randy’s guest for an entire hour – talking about all the benefits of infrared sauna use. Randy had some really interesting and probing questions, many of which were rooted in the fact that he himself recently began using an infrared sauna. As Randy said, some of the healthiest people he knows had been telling him to try infrared sauna for years, so he finally decided to give it a try.

Click below for a listen to Randy and Connie’s conversation (or head over to iTunes and download it for free to your mp3 player, tablet or computer):

Thanks so much to Randy Alvarez for hosting us!

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