Sunlighten’s mPulse Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas Featured in Infrasweat

sauna set up in room We have been so excited to watch (from afar) the launch of Infrasweat, an infrared sauna spa in Delray Beach, Florida. Infrasweat opened last month and is attracting a lot of attention in the local media. In addition to several articles in the area newspapers, Infrasweat was recently featured on the Ft. Lauderdale television news.

A great video tour of the spa and talk with Infrasweat owner Kelly Dorsey on Local10:

After just a month, Dr. David Rudnick, owner of the Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation Institute in Boynton Beach, is already a fan of Infrasweat and regular infrared sauna use. “I will definitely be recommending Infrasweat to my patients. It is a great adjunct to treating a range of issues, including arthritis, muscle pulls, disc issues and various internal medical problems,” he said.

testing sunlighten sauna Lori Mackenzie, already a member of Infrasweat, agrees: “After just my second session, I woke up and realized my sinuses were clear. Since starting to use the infrared saunas, I have slept like a baby night after night, which I never do!”

Dorsey says she has received fantastic feedback from all of her clients. One client uses Infrasweat’s saunas while he goes through dialysis for his kidneys. Another finds relief from his eczema thanks to daily sauna sessions.

Dorsey has plans to open additional Infrasweat locations throughout Florida. We can’t wait to watch her business grow.

Infrasweat is home to six Sunlighten mPulse full spectrum infrared saunas, each in its own private suite. Sauna sessions at Infrasweat are sold by single sessions, packages and even annual memberships.

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