Bright Line Eating

Dr. Caroline Leaf

“One of my mental health brain hacks that I absolutely love and has helped me so much, and that is my Sunlighten sauna. I have one at my house, and when I’m not traveling, I have a sauna every single day. This is where I really relax and wind down from the pressures of life. I can feel my metabolism and clarity of thought has improved. If I am feeling a little foggy, I find that my sauna really clears it up. I just have so much energy after a Sunlighten sauna session!”

Amy Myers, MD

“I use my Sunlighten Sauna two or three times a week, every week. As a busy executive and mom, I have very few minutes to myself. Nothing helps me relax and detox in the little time I have available like my personal sauna!”

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