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-Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP

After suffering from a decade of chronic illness and being diagnosed with heavy metal accumulation, C-diff colitis, myositis, Candida, leaky gut, Lyme disease, PCOS, and hypothyroidism to name a few, I was introduced to Sunlighten saunas by my Integrative M.D.’s to remove my heavy metals, Lyme disease and excess hormones. I spent years traveling hours to use a Sunlighten sauna in Manhattan until I purchased my own and saw the benefits because I could use it daily in my own home! The dome is a great purchase if you are living in an apartment or small space; if I can …

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Wendy Myers

The skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It is also an important part of your body’s natural detoxification process – and sweat is the vehicle that your body uses to carry harmful toxins out of the body. Sweating in an infrared sauna is a powerful tool for healing and prevention.   Infrared safely induces short-term hyperthermia and raises your core temperature enough to kill cancer-causing cells, detoxify your body of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals and toxins, and boost your immune system.


I am very, very pleased with my Solo® sauna system, mainly because it has enabled me to achieve the goal I had in mind when I purchased it, which was: to get rid of heavy metals. I had high levels of mercury, lead and aluminum in my body at the time of purchase. After only four months of use of the Sunlighten sauna, these levels went down very significantly. In mid-August, I received my Solo System and used it about every other day. In mid-December, I got new blood tests and could hardly believe it when I got the results.

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