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I am beyond thrilled with my Sunlighten Signature II sauna! The purchasing process was straight forward, customer service was very responsive to my questions and delivery and installation went well. Two of us were able to put the sauna together in under an hour. My sauna sessions leave me feeling invigorated, cleansed and refreshed and I sleep more deeply the nights that I sauna. I pursued purchase of a red light sauna for the health and wellness benefits that red light therapy imparts. I have a physical job that demands a lot from my body and I find using my …

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Kathleen M

Purchased my glorious Sunlighten sauna through sales associate Jayson Cole who answered my questions and explained options, components & pricing. Ryan Combs, technician extraordinaire, relocated my sauna and explained helpful info about my precious sauna while he did a great job of checking each component.

Lynn B.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, so it was extremely important for me to find a sauna constructed from non toxic materials. Sunlighten had just what I needed! Then the salesman (Mark) went over and beyond to try and get the product shipped as quickly as possible. Wonderful product, wonderful service!

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