The sunlighten mPulse Believe has been a life saver for my entire family. From my 11 year old daughter who has lyme disease who has seen incredible benefits from the detox program to my 13 year old competitive swimmer who loves the pain relief program to the rest of the family who loves it for the healthy skin and weight loss results. This is must for any family!!!

Kathleen M

Purchased my glorious Sunlighten sauna through sales associate Jayson Cole who answered my questions and explained options, components & pricing. Ryan Combs, technician extraordinaire, relocated my sauna and explained helpful info about my precious sauna while he did a great job of checking each component. Seventeen months of sauna treatments, once or twice weekly, ELIMINATED my heart arrhythmia, I.e., atrial fibrillation, and thus the need for the pharmaceuticals that addressed the symptoms! Priceless!!!


I can not say enough how grateful I am for the sauna. I have two very serious conditions that are greatly improved by the use of the sauna. With time and continued use, I expect to be greatly improved. The care and attention to every detail, especially the initial personal care of the Sunlighten representative, who continued to respond to my needs and concerns immediately and with great sensitivity, could not have been more exceptional. I have recommended Sunlighten to everyone I know, but especially to those friends and neighbors who have similar conditions that I have. I am so …

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