Melanie Avalon

“My Sunlighten solo unit is amazing because basically it allows you to have an infrared sauna at home even if you’re living in an apartment like me. It’s so easy to use, so easy to set up, easy to clean, and it feels absolutely wonderful. I was doing it every night anyway, but now with the whole COVID thing I’ve ramped up my use.”

Alejandro Junger, MD

“Infrared saunas are the most efficient for detox. They penetrate more deeply below the skin than the heat of a regular sauna, exciting the fat molecules to vibrate and enabling them to release toxins.  My favorite far infrared saunas are the Sunlighten saunas because I believe they have the best technology and quality. I have one at home and use it every day.”

Dr. Izabella Wentz

“The more I’ve researched saunas, the more I’ve realized that not all infrared saunas are created the same. I’m a lover of research, case studies, and facts, which is another reason why I like Sunlighten. Their products are based on extensive research combined with personal experience.”

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