Warm Up for Winter with Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Keep Call and Stay Warm with Sunlighten Infrared Saunas The polar vortex is giving much of the United States a blast of cold weather, making many of us wish for warmer temperatures!

For those of you lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, you know the simple pleasures that sunshine can provide. The rest of us – especially those who live in the cold north – often seek warmth during the winter through winter vacations, saunas, and hot tubs, to name a few.

Saunas, which have been used for centuries in the Scandinavian countries, originated in Finland. This proved to be an extremely effective way to stay warm and keep clean in the frigid Scandinavian winters. It also worked to rejuvenate the body and mind, rid the skin of impurities and drive out toxins.

According to Robert Ornstein, Ph.D. and David Sobel, M.D., authors of Healthy Pleasures, saunas help relax tense muscles, and decrease pain in muscles and joints. If you’ve ever experienced muscle soreness after slogging through snow, or fallen victim to joint inflammation during the cold months, you can especially appreciate the healing powers of the sauna during winter. Sunlighten saunas are guaranteed to help you relax with an invigorating deep tissue sweat. What’s more: many of our clients revel in the quiet time they have carved out for themselves to use their sauna – yet another stress reducer.

Sweat the Pounds

According to Livestrong.com, there are three culprits to winter weight gain: decreased physical activity, a greater number of empty calories and a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. With all of these factors making it more challenging to keep the extra pounds off, it’s no wonder many of us are happy to hide our figures beneath bulky winter clothing!

The good news: Sauna usage helps with weight loss. Using infrared heat technology to burn calories, Sunlighten saunas are clinically shown to aid weight loss. In a 2009 study, our infrared saunas were shown to help lower weight and waist circumference in just a three-month period. Wouldn’t you like to be able to relax and look great when spring arrives?

Stay Healthier

We all know there are several old wives’ tales when it comes to winter health, but science has proven over the years that constant exposure to unhealthy indoor air has an effect on our health. Whether it is increased exposure to chemical products in your home or workplace, or constant exposure to others’ germs, remaining in tightly sealed buildings does have an effect on your winter health.

So how can you keep yourself healthier this winter? In addition to eating right, getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep, enjoy regular trips to the sauna. Our research-backed near infrared heating technology can strengthen the immune system. In fact, a NASA study showed this same near infrared therapy, delivered by LEDs deep into body tissue, can quadruple cell health and tissue growth.1 Essentially, Sunlighten Saunas take your health to the cellular level to help you feel great this winter.

Whether for joint or muscle pain, weight loss, better immunity, or simply to relax and stay warm this winter, we invite you to learn more about how Sunlighten can help you today!

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Image courtesy of Keepcalm-o-matic.

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