Why You Need a Muscle Recovery Plan: Tips from the Experts

One of the biggest trends in fitness is not the workout itself, but the muscle recovery afterward.  Ahead of the trend is New York City’s first recovery studio.  RēCOVER opened its doors in March 2018 and quickly captured the attention of The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The Today Show, and many, many more.

When you are first to market and boast that you are “the world’s first fully comprehensive recovery studio”, people start to listen. The first thing we want to make clear is that “fully comprehensive” doesn’t mean simply having more “stuff” than our predecessors. The RēCOVER mission is to revolutionize the way we live, work, play, and train. In a nutshell, we are the first facility to identify that it isn’t only athletes who need to recover. Anyone who has a performance demand has a performance stressor and when that stress isn’t mitigated, performance declines. Whether you are an athlete, a parent, a business professional; you name it… we all have very real performance demands and stress. We exist to make sure those who want the most out of everything they do have access to their full potential.

The technologies we have gathered and often use in tandem as part of a recovery program have been strategically selected to help RēSTORE your body, RēBOOT your mind, and RēSHAPE your system. Soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and tendons) health, sleep quality, stress management, cognition and cellular health all can make or break your results.

The Sunlighten mPulse full spectrum infrared sauna has been a staple in our muscle recovery studio and is used to deliver virtually every outcome our clients are seeking. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we contribute insights on how to best utilize infrared technology as we do, as well as other recovery tips to help you get the most out of everything you do. We are excited to be part of the Sunlighten family and to be able to deliver valuable content to help you with your wellness journey. Let the revolution begin!!


RēSHAPE: your body

Exercise is stress. Pure and simple, it is a stressor on the body. To be fair, it is a “eustress”, or healthy form of stress. Nonetheless, fitness enthusiasts should understand that athletic gains are not made in the gym or on the training floor. They are made when the environment for healing is created and the body can rebuild what is broken down. The faster and more efficiently this environment is created for muscle recovery, the faster the results are delivered.

Muscles heal when the nutrients you consume are delivered to the cells. Infrared frequencies help to increase vasodilation so that all the healthy food we consume gets to the muscles faster and more efficiently. Your muscles are craving that kale and lean protein, so give them what they want! If you are pushing it extra hard, you may be imposing some slight strain on your tendons (the soft tissue that connects muscles to bones). While this is sometimes part of the equation, where trouble pokes its little head into paradise is that tendons and ligaments are “avascular”, meaning they don’t need nearly as much blood as other parts of the body. “Well, what about all that kale I just ate!?” Not to worry! Far, mid and near infrared frequencies penetrate deep to stimulate the mitochondria in tendons and ligaments supplying them with the energy they need to heal, repair and speed up muscle recovery. If you are training hard, make sure you have access to Sunlighten infrared light and make it part of your athletic recovery program.  There is even a built-in pain relief program so you can simply hit start, relax and repeat.

RēBOOT: your mind

Forgetting your keys lately? How about the name of the person who’s been sitting near you in the office for the past 12 months? Need a snap in your mental acuity and memory? You should be soaking in the infrared sauna!

Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter in your brain that is associated with focus and storing strong memories during times of stress. Now, don’t start stressing out! Similar to exercise, infrared sauna exposure is also technically a stress. Hormesis is defined as “a favorable biological response to low exposures of toxins or other stressors”. You may know this as the “That which does not kill you only makes you stronger” approach. The heat stress delivered by infrared sauna sessions is exactly one of those positive stressors. So don’t stress it! Research has shown that sustained exposure to infrared sauna heat stimulates norepinephrine exposure potentially threefold! So….get your sauna session in, ask your co-worker their name, put your keys in your pocket and you’re good to go!

RēBOOT: your system

Plastic bottles littering the beach look a mess. Plastic bottles on the floor of your car that will get “cleaned up later” can be embarrassing. Plastic mucking up your cells isn’t only embarrassing, it’s really just not good for your overall health.  Bisphenol, or “BPA” is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. It’s EVERYWHERE! Plastic bottles and containers, canned foods, certain metals, and sometimes the lining of pipes that deliver your drinking water. BPA exposure has been linked to:

  • Infertility
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Structural brain damage
  • Prostate cancer stimulation
  • Increased obesity risk
  • And unfortunately much more

First things first, you should do your best to avoid plastics and BPA exposure as much as possible, but similar to the messy beach or car situation simply abstaining from buying more soda pop isn’t going to get it clean. You know what will!? A Sunlighten sauna session! The body has many ways that it cleans itself out and gets rid of toxins. The absolute best way to clean your cells out of the BPA mess is through SWEAT! Infrared sauna derived sweat in particular! The cleansing properties of the way we sweat during an infrared sauna session is the best way to start getting your act together and getting those cells neat and clean and BPA free!


Consistent with our mission to revolutionize the way we Live, Work, Play, and Train we understand that information relevant to YOUR life is the best way to support that! We are always happy to answer specific questions or provide information on particular topics. Please contact us and let us know how to help YOU begin the revolution.

Rick Richey and Aaron Drogoszewski are the Co-Founders of RēCOVER. With a combined 40 years of experience in the fitness industry, Rick and Aaron came to the realization that there was a huge gap between the spa experience and the world of physical therapy. Their knowledge and experience lead them to create the World’s First Recovery Studio, a concept that has sparked a recovery revolution and is changing the way people function.

Learn more about Recover NYC on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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