Valentine Gifts for the Healthy Sweetheart

As you read in last week’s post, we are celebrating American Heart Month and contributing a portion of our profits to the American Heart Association – not only are you promoting personal wellness, but you are making a difference for healthy hearts.  And though we are best known for our world renown saunas, we offer many other wellness products through our online store (some are perfect for your health-conscious Valentine)!  Here are some of our favorite products:

Primal Life Organics Valentine Gift Set

Pamper someone special with our favorite Primal Life Organics products!  Primal Life Organics specializes in chemical-free, non-toxic skincare.  Package includes Primal Life Organics Body Butter, Primal Life Organics Soap and Sunlighten’s Bamboo Carbon 3-piece towel set (1 hand towel, 1 bath towel, 1 floor mat) – $165 value!  Check it out – only a limited quantity available.

Maintain ME Products

Maintain ME is a program combines supplements with topical cream which supports the body in detoxification, electrolyte balance and gut health.  In short, this pyramid of wellness needs to be in balance so your body performs at its most efficient during peak periods of exercise, training or regular sauna use.


Did you know your overall health is directly correlated with the health of your gut?  This is a fascinating topic – one which Dr. Mark Hyman covers in this blog.  With 45 servings per container, this organic probiotic powder is full of fermented wild-strain lactobacillus so your body can easily absorb the phyto-nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and dense whole-food nutrition in every spoonful.

At $64, this deal is hard to beat! Click here to read more!

Pure Sweat:

A personal favorite, Pure Sweat is a topical cream you apply to injured or “problem areas (such as that spare tire around the waist or upper thighs for women)” before sauna use or before working out.  You can wear it under your workout clothes and even before you swim.  This product activates better circulation for awesome results and promotes sweating and detoxification in said “problem” areas.

Pure Sweat is amazing and is only $59.99 or 2 for $99 (limited time only) – you can buy it today for yourself or a loved one!

Wellness Books

One of the best investments you can give yourself is the gift of education.  Being healthy isn’t a trend, it is a necessity.  In fact, did you know just as many people die from not exercising as they do from smoking – pretty interesting!  Here are two of my favorite books which supported me in understanding why eating healthy is more than a fad, but is of the upmost importance for a long, happy and symptom-free life.

Just Eating Clean by Amie Valpone

Afflicted with strange ailments for many years without ever understanding the root cause behind them, Amie Valpone decided to start eating clean and detoxifying her body to see if she could rid herself of Lyme Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Leaky Gut Syndrom to name a few.  In this book, she highlights how to detoxify and reset your body in 21 days, and also provides over 200 clean-eating recipes which are phenomenal.

Symptoms such as weight-gain, headaches, acne, low energy and brain fog are NOT normal symptoms – click here to buy this book and discover what you can do NOW to live happier, healthier and symptom-free!

The Blood Sugar Solution

Dr. Mark Hyman is a chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, an internationally respected physician, and best-selling author.  Calling this epidemic “diabesity,” following this plan will help get your blood sugar under control in just 8 weeks.  Even for those who have tried every diet under the sun, and have been fighting diabetes and blood sugar issues for years, there is a solution.  Eliminate these issues at the source and find out what is REALLY going on in your body.

Healing Art

Transform your space with healing multidimensional fine art by Sunlighten founder, Jason Lincoln Jeffers.   His work emanates a worldly energy, frequency, and vibration  resulting in an evolutionary impulse so vitally needed for the transformation and healing of humanity.

Learn more about the healing art collection.


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and nothing says “I love you” more than expressing your desire for that special someone to live a long, happy and healthy life.  Get free shipping on orders of $100 or more  (use this code at the checkout: FREESHIP100) – ends February 28th.


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