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Infrared Saunas for Medical Facilities

Bring health and wellness together with Sunlighten Saunas in your medical facility. Infrared saunas from Sunlighten have been clinically shown to offer a wide range of health benefits through natural healing and relaxation, something patients at many different types of medical facilities would value. 

Providing infrared sauna therapy at your medical facility puts you on the leading edge in the effort to focus on body and mind healing – giving your patients a unique experience during their stay. With help from your dedicated Sunlighten Commercial Team, you can easily incorporate infrared sauna therapy into your services and fees and inform patients of this distinctive offering.

Bring Natural Healing to Your Medical Center

There are a diverse array of medical facilities that could benefit from infrared sauna therapy. The clinically-shown benefits such as pain relief, skin rejuvenation, detoxification and stress relief allow infrared sauna therapy to be a natural supplement to an existing health regimen. Here are just some of the health centers that could incorporate Sunlighten infrared sauna therapy:

  • Specialty Treatment Centers
    Facilities that offer integrative medicine, chronic paint centers, and even addiction rehabilitation services would benefit from the addition of infrared sauna therapy as part of their programs.
  • Physical Therapy Facilities
    Sessions in an infrared sauna have been shown to spur muscle repair and offset fatigue through increased circulation. Stretching during a sauna session increases flexibility over stretching in a typical setting.
  • Chiropractic Offices
    Many chiropractors have found the link between ailments and food intake, and have incorporated enhanced eating programs within their offerings. Sunlighten infrared saunas are a natural addition to this effort, as they are effective detoxifiers that help remove heavy metals from the body.
  • Mental Health Facilities
    Infrared sauna therapy has been shown to aid in anger reduction during a sauna session, which allows relaxation to take over. What’s more, add-ons like Chromotherapy and Acoustic Resonance use light and vibration to enhance the stress-relieving effects of saunas.

How to Integrate Beneficial Sauna Treatment

How you integrate infrared sauna therapy into your treatment options will be a unique-to-you effort that our Commercial Team can assist with. There are common approaches to this, though, based on the sauna system you purchase. Here are just a few questions you can ask yourself to help begin the sauna selection process:

  • Are there any existing programs that would benefit from a set number of sauna sessions a week?
  • Would it be beneficial to build programs centered around an infrared sauna session?
  • Are there features of particular saunas that would be the best fit for existing programs? For example, our mPulse series offers an array of preset sessions that focus on ailments such as chronic pain.
  • What space can be used for the sauna? Available room may impact which sauna you select.
  • Are there situations where a community sauna would be more beneficial, or do you require more individualized sessions?

Sauna Session Pricing
The type and set up of your facility will determine the best way to see returns on your sauna purchase. In many situations, facilities will not charge individually for each sauna session, rather they increase facility usage and stay fees to accommodate. This set up works for facilities where patients stay longer periods of time. For health centers like physical therapy offices and chronic pain centers, it may be more beneficial to price by the session as you do your typical treatment visits.

Clinically-Shown Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

While there are many patients who for health reasons cannot take a sauna, there are many more who would benefit immensely from the positive impact infrared saunas have on the mind and body. In the medical world, it’s not enough to say saunas work – which is why, for many years, we have set out to prove it.

  • Detoxification: Simply put, sweating is good for you. Because infrared saunas heat the body directly rather than just the air, your core body temperature rises and a deeper sweat occurs.
  • Pain Relief: Infrared sauna heat goes much deeper than the surface, reaching joints, tissue, and muscle that can have great impact on chronic pain conditions – decreasing pain and muscle spasms that help speed recovery time.
  • Blood Pressure Reduction and Improved Circulation: An infrared sauna therapy sessions is similar to a light workout, increasing heart rate and getting blood flowing throughout the body.
  • Wound Healing: Scientific research shows that near infrared therapy enhances the healing process by increasing cell regeneration and tissue growth, which helps to repair wounds faster and prevent infection.

Check out a full list of infrared sauna health benefits along with studies and cited sources.

We are here to guide you through every step of the sauna selection process, including help with personalizing your spa’s Sunlighten Sauna experience. Discover how to price sauna sessions, market sauna services, and choose distinguishing sauna add-ons – so you are ready to serve your customers as soon as your sauna arrives.



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