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RēCOVER NYC + Sunlighten: Commercial Sauna Case Study

Sunlighten sauna sessions and packages generate roughly $15,000 per month in unassisted revenue for New York City’s premiere recovery studio. That adds up to 35 percent of their total revenue.

Since they first opened their doors in early 2018, RēCOVER has partnered with Sunlighten to offer powerful, clinically proven infrared light therapy. Both the benefits for their clientele and the results for their business have been significant:

  • Customizable programs to naturally heal soft tissue, manage stress and more
  • Average of 60 sauna sessions booked per week
  • Substantial boost in unassisted and total revenue

Recover NYC featured by Shape Magazine


Founders Rick Richey and Aaron Drogoszewski understand that performance recovery should not be limited to just athletes. They found that there was a gap between the spa experience and the world of physical therapy for everyday people. Their knowledge and experience led them to create the world’s first recovery studio, a concept that has sparked a recovery revolution and is changing the way people function.

RēCOVER aims to enhance the recovery experience by using the best technologies on the market

Infrared light therapy has been a staple in RēCOVER’s business model since the beginning. “I had done some research, and I understood what the competitors had to offer. So when it was time to select saunas, it wasn’t, ‘Are we getting a sauna?’ It was, ‘When are we getting a Sunlighten sauna?’” founder Aaron Drogoszewski said.

Aaron and Rick chose the Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1, the first and only infrared sauna to offer near, mid and far infrared technology. Research shows that specific parts of the infrared spectrum are effective at producing different health benefits. The 3-in-1 sauna blends the optimal wavelengths to achieve specific results, as determined by each user.


Heal Deep Tissue & Sweat Out Toxins

The Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1 offers customizable programs that allow users to track their results

RēCOVER clients can select from seven preset wellness programs to target their concerns, from pain relief and cardiovascular health to weight loss and anti-aging. With the Android-powered control panel, they can watch their heart rate and calories burn away in real time.

People love the saunas,” Drogoszewski said. “They love the ability to just sit and relax and catch up on their shows with the [built-in] Netflix app or listen to their favorite music with the Pandora app and get some quality me time.” Hear more from RēCOVER client John Joseph below.

Using the Sunlighten pricing model, RēCOVER has significantly increased their unassisted and total revenue

Sunlighten sauna sessions and packages have quickly become major sources of revenue for the RēCOVER studio. They book an average of 240 sessions per month, which generate roughly $15,000. Of the studio’s total revenue, unassisted sauna revenue accounts for 35 percent — a substantial amount, especially considering RēCOVER has only been open since early 2018.

“Adding Sunlighten to my business has been beneficial because they make the facility a lot of money. It’s one of the most popular items, if not the most popular,” Drogoszewski said.

In fact, the healing Sunlighten experience at RēCOVER has created such a buzz that the studio is now the place to be in NYC for infrared sauna sessions.

Consider the benefits of adding a commercial Sunlighten infrared sauna to your business

From years of experience of working with thousands of businesses and key learnings from our own day spa business, we have discovered how to market Sunlighten treatments to increase client demand and maximize revenue with the right pricing, packages and retail add-ons. And we’ve boxed up that success model to make it easy for your business.


A Calming Retreat in the Big City

Using our pricing model, the sauna will pay for itself within just a few weeks, generating unassisted revenue with each treatment.

Sample Revenue:

$35 for 40-minute Sessions

Your dedicated Commercial Account team will provide you with the proven success models for pricing and add-ons. They’ll ensure you get the right model for your spa’s needs, and be there to offer support long after your purchase.

To start earning unassisted revenue, submit our quick formchat live or call 1-877-292-0020.

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