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A critical step in freeing yourself from an alcohol or drug addiction is ridding your body of existing toxins. There are many resources available for people who struggle with addiction and it’s essential for each person to find the methods that work best for them. The process of withdrawing from addictive substances can be life-threatening and should be performed in a substance abuse center.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers have been using Sunlighten’s infrared saunas as a tool in their detox and recovery process.

Infrared Saunas for Detox

A study by Dr. Klinghardt found the composition of sweat from an infrared sauna contained 17% more toxins than sweat from exercise. Drugs, alcohol and environmental chemicals are all considered toxins and can remain in a body for years. Infrared saunas work by gently raising the core body temperature without extreme heat. This “false fever” causes perspiration from a deeper part of the body and helps remove the toxins that an exercise sweat doesn’t affect.

In contrast, a traditional sauna heats the air in the sauna and causes a surface level sweat. This sweat is mostly composed of water. Traditional saunas are often painfully hot which makes it an uncomfortable treatment for someone who is experiencing withdrawal. Infrared saunas have a lower temperature and are a comfortable, nurturing environment for a body under stress.

Sunlighten’s saunas deliver three infrared wavelengths, at the optimal frequency, which is more than any other infrared sauna (according to Vita Tech, Sunlighten’s infrared delivery is between 95-99%). As a result, our medical grade heaters make each sauna session a more effective and efficient use of time which speeds up the detox process. The holistic nature of infrared provides a natural solution to people who have been negatively affected by medications and addictive substances.

In 2011 a study was conducted on Utah police officers who were suffering from symptoms associated with meth raids. The results found that nutritional therapy and daily infrared sauna therapy led to “statistically significant health improvements” when referencing symptom scores and neurotoxicity scores. The study concluded “Utilizing sauna and nutritional therapy may alleviate chronic symptoms appearing after chemical exposures.”

In addition to drugs and/or alcohol, the infrared sauna sessions also help detox environmental toxins that aren’t removed in urine. A BUS (blood, urine and sweat) study performed by Dr. Stephen Genius found:

  • 85% of participants had detectable levels of Mercury in their blood and urine while 100% had detectable levels in their sweat
  • 50% of participants had detectable cadmium in their blood or urine while 80% had notable levels in sweat
  • Lead has a 32.6% concentration rate of excretion in sweat versus 2% in urine
  • Aluminum has a 21.6% concentration rate of excretion in sweat versus 3.9% in urine
  • BPA concentrations are consistently higher in sweat than urine

Infrared Saunas for Recovery

Some people experience achiness, pain, anxiety, skin issues and illnesses as their body recovers from addiction and infrared saunas can be a useful holistic aid in each of these conditions.

  • Far Infrared – The longest infrared wavelength that penetrates the deepest into a body.  Excellent for detoxifying and improving circulation.
  • Mid Infrared – Not as long as the far infrared wavelength; penetrates soft tissue and muscles.  It is effective for pain relief, muscle recovery and reducing inflammation.
  • Near Infrared – The shortest wavelength which focuses on skin health.  Aids in wound healing, collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and overall skin health.

While the far infrared wavelengths are effective in the detox process, the mid and near are very helpful in dealing with the soreness, pain and skin issues that many people experience.  A session in a Sunlighten sauna incorporates all three wavelengths at one time to add the most benefits to your sauna session.  

Many people add infrared saunas to their homes, so they can continue their recovery throughout their lives.  Self-care is an essential part to good health.  Regular infrared sessions have been shown to lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, aid the immune system and reduce stress.  

Since the infrared heat is so comfortable, safe and healing it gently moves someone into the parasympathetic state; the parasympathetic state is where a body rests, digests and heals.  This is the system in charge of releasing toxins and waste while also boosting physical and mental energy.  

Unlike the list of dangerous side effects that prescription or OTC meds incur, infrared heat does not have any negative side effects – although it is crucial that participants hydrate before, during and after each session.

Infrared benefits for recovery

Circulation Improvement
Sunlighten’s Cardio program is a passive cardiovascular workout that increases blood flow to vital organs and muscles. Improving circulation has a positive effect on the body and overall health. When someone feels better their recovery process is more effective.

Stress Relief
The Relaxation program offers a safe, gentle and nurturing environment to unwind, meditate and allow your mind to slow down. Relaxation is vital as a body is working to rid itself of harmful chemicals. Long term stress and anxiety are the cause of many conditions such as high blood pressure, weak immune system, infertility and others. Infrared therapy is shown to improve the immune system. Acoustic Resonance Therapy and Chromotherapy are additional tools for creating a calm state.

Skin Health
Drug addicts often have skin lesions and sores and Sunlighten’s near infrared wavelength can help heal these issues holistically. A mixture of near infrared and far infrared provides a natural skin healing session while the far infrared provides a detoxifying treatment.

Pain Relief
Chronic or acute pain are often the reasons people become addicted to medications. Sunlighten’s mid infrared is a holistic pain relief treatment that focuses on soft tissue, muscles and joints.

Self Care
After addiction treatment or drug withdrawal it’s crucial to incorporate self-care treatments. Infrared nurtures the mind and body and is easy to add to a daily routine as a way to reduce anxiety and negative thought patterns.



Sunlighten has led the infrared sauna industry for 19 years and we recommend our saunas as a safe, cozy and effective way to remove toxins, reduce stress, improve sleep and improve overall health before, during and after drug withdrawals and recovery. Our saunas are engineered to be enjoyed versus endured; we want to promote an atmosphere to healing and wellness.

Addiction affects each person differently so it’s important to consult with a doctor to get personalized advice and attention.

For more information on Sunlighten’s infrared saunas for drug and alcohol recovery in rehabilitation centers, addiction recovery clinics or hospitals contact Alicia at (913) 890-2821 or Alicia@Sunlighten.com

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