Infrared Sauna for Fitness Centers and Studios

Boost Your Fitness Routine

Members are always looking for safe, effective ways to uplevel their fitness regime. Many in-the-know look for fitness clubs that offer infrared saunas. The perfect supplement to any workout, infrared saunas offer clinically shown benefits right in your gym or studio, to enhance workouts, relieve muscle strain and pain, improve flexibility or overall health. It gives you a unique, marketable edge to differentiate from your competition with the Sunlighten brand customers demand. 


Olympic Gym Story

Hear from a fitness center manager about how integrating a Sunlighten custom infrared sauna has been a successful addition for their business, and a hugely popular enhancement for their members.  

Major League Soccer Team Story

This championship professional soccer club has a Sunlighten custom infrared sauna in their world-class training facility. Learn why their sports medicine and performance leaders incorporate infrared sauna for optimizing athlete performance and recovery and hear one star athlete’s experience. 

Maximise your investment.

When it comes to investing in your fitness business, you want to provide a service that will be beneficial to your members while also providing valuable return with minimal staff demands. Sunlighten infrared sauna provides unassisted revenue opportunities with the latest wellness trend your members want. 

Custom infrared sauna at a gym

Get ahead of your competition.

Infrared is definitely a trend, but one that’s here to stay.  Post-covid, more people are expecting IR therapy and where better to provide it than in their gym. You’re looking to differentiate your business, here’s an easy, cost-effective way to gain more clients or add revenue. 

Sunlighten’s clinically backed results will drive demand and give you the confidence to promote Sunlighten infrared therapy while giving your gym customers an exceptional experience. 

Easy to operate and maintain.

Your commercial grade sauna construction means long-lasting, durable and high-quality materials, and it’s easy to install, maintain, and clean with minimal staff effort. It’s simple and easy to operate and schedule sessions or time on/off.  

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