Ease the effects of ageing with infrared sauna.

Embrace a new vision for how you age.

Imagine enjoying your life as you age. Longevity science is revolutionising our perception of ageing. It provides actionable insights to extend healthspan and lifespan. It’s bringing new data that empowers a mindset shift from fighting ageing to believing DNA doesn't determine your destiny. And, that you can impact how you age.

Look at yourself through the lens of your biological age, not your birthday.

Here’s where the hope begins. Biological ageing, simply put, is not about counting your years but understanding how your cells, tissues, and organs age over time. Factors like genetics, lifestyle, and environment all play a role in biological ageing.

Biological Age

Measures how well your body’s systems are working 

Can be reversed

Most important influence on how you age 

Chronological Age

Measures number of years alive

Can’t be altered

Doesn’t affect how you age

If you’re going to make one lifestyle change, infrared sauna is your ultimate full body longevity tool that will deliver vast health benefits.

Infrared goes beyond just heat, it’s also light.

Heat helps. Light helps. Infrared is both. Discover why infrared is such a great longevity tool that offers the benefits of hormesis and heat shock protein activation as well as the benefits of light therapy to deliver photon energy to your cells.


Infrared sauna is a healthy lifestyle tool that targets 5 key markers of ageing.

Like healthy eating and exercise, infrared sauna is a lifestyle choice that has systemic, cellular, and molecular impact. And, infrared light and heat positively influence these 5 primary biological processes included in the 10 hallmarks of ageing among longevity scientists (that is half of them in 1 tool!):

Enhances cellular energy
A mitochondria inside of a cell

AGEING MARKER: Mitchondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondria are like cell engines, providing energy (ATP) for every part of our body. With age, these engines can wear out, causing decreased ATP, increased oxidative stress and impaired cellular energy metabolism.  

Infrared light helps by boosting mitochondria with energy, improving function, and making more “engines” when necessary. This could counteract mitochondrial dysfunction, keeping cells healthy and helping slow ageing.

What are Zombie Cells?

Discover the zombie invasion inside you. Though they can permeate any organ in your body, our Co-founder, Connie Zack explains an example of how zombie cells wreak havoc in one important area. 

Infrared also offers so many health benefits that impact the quality of life as we age.

Infrared sauna therapy addresses a multitude of ageing-related factors, from heart health and circulation to immune strength, sleep, hormone balance, stress relief, weight management, and skin rejuvenation.


What is inflammaging?

Discover the hidden culprit behind accelerated ageing and chronic diseases with the intriguing concept of "inflamaging." Learn how low-grade inflammation stealthily impacts your health and accelerates the ageing process, and how infrared works with your body to combat it for a healthier, more vibrant life.


Start living younger.

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Feel young until the end of your life.

Ageing is a biological process you can impact. Isn’t that hopeful? What is your next longevity hack?