Sound Vibration Therapy

Feel the benefits of vibrational sound therapy.

Have you ever heard a song that made your heart skip a beat? Does the sound of a loved one's voice elicit an emotion? Sound healing therapy dates to ancient Greece when music was used to help cure mental disorders. It is based on the tenet that our world is full of vibratory properties, and if those vibrations are out of step, then so are our bodies.

Sound is carried to us in different wavelengths and frequencies that affect us in both appealing (and not so appealing) ways. Brainwave entertainment known as binaural beats stimulates the brain into a specific state using pulsing sound to align brain waves to beat frequency. A study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine suggested many benefits including enhanced relaxation and reduced anxiety.1

Sound therapy enhances relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can unwind and de-stress even more in your sauna with the sound-therapy add-on. This sonic technology combines the healing effects of sound and vibration therapy to relax your body and calm your mind.

Sound-amplifying discs mounted under the bench utilize sound as a therapy modality that can induce a calming effect. A combination of calming music and healing vibration move through the body and mind, so your body absorbs the vibration you also hear. Research showed that after just 10 minutes with sound therapy, brain waves were calmer and more balanced.

Add Sound Therapy to these Sunlighten saunas:

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