Sunlighten Sauna Benefits on The Doctors

  • September 21, 2016

Video: Health Benefits of a Sauna on The Doctor’s

Infrared Sauna Benefits of Sunlighten Saunas are explained in this video of “The Doctors” show. The health benefits of a sauna are shown inside the mPulse Full-Spectrum Sauna and the functionality of its Biofeedback features.


Dr. Travis Stork: “We’ve been talking about how heat impacts your body and I have to say Dr. Ordon I am feeling it right now” Dr. Drew Ordon: “Well we’re in the sauna, but this is no ordinary sauna, this is an infrared sauna. This comes to us by Sunlighten mPulse and what as you can see is he is all wired up as I am and we have our little wristbands. It is monitoring our heart rate, our blood pressure, it’s a form of biofeedback. So we can watch the little dial here as things heat up, monitor our heart rate, blood pressure, and you know how that works, by watching your blood pressure, relaxing in the sauna, sometimes you can get that down.“ Dr. Travis Stork: “You know Dr. Ordon hits upon a really good point here, I’m looking at my pulse or my heart rate right now, naturally it’s going to go up a little bit when you’re in a hot environment like this, but studies actually have shown that infrared saunas can lower your blood pressure, it actually eases some of the tension in your arteries. So you can have improved circulation, blood flow.” Dr. Drew Ordon: “And another study right here in LA, USC, my alma mater, they studied the effect of infrared heat, and it’s been shown to have some positive things on your muscles, bones, things like that.” Dr. Travis Stork: “And the one thing we’ve always said about saunas is, you don’t want to use a sauna as your quote on quote weight loss plan per say, or have it be the one thing that you do to improve your health, but to the extent that you’re in here it’s warm its relaxing, I can feel my blood pressure dropping, I’m just so relaxed.” Dr. Drew Ordon: “Relaxed, and you are burning calories, I mean the American Journal of Cardiology, shows that you can burn up to a few hundred calories, if you stay in here long enough, I mean if we stay in here the rest of the day maybe we’ll…”

Sunlighten featured on The Doctors – How Heat Can Change Your Life

View The Doctors sauna show feature to learn how heat from Sunlighten saunas hold the key to your healthy life!

Why was Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas featured on “The Doctors“?

Sunlighten provides the only top of the line infrared saunas with clinically-tested health benefits.

The Sunlighten mPulse Sauna: Infrared sauna seen on The Doctors

The Doctors Biofeedback Sauna

Sunlighten has launched the next generation of home and commercial saunas by combining the highest-quality full-spectrum infrared saunas on the market with intelligent technology that addresses whole body needs.

To build the mPulse infrared sauna series, Sunlighten begins with certified Wood (basswood, cedar or teak), Carbonized Bamboo Heater Cover Backrests (anti-bacterial, eco-friendly), Ergonomic, Floating Benches (improves comfort and legroom), and a robust infrared sauna heater. At this point, the mPulse sauna is a luxuriant, energy-efficient masterpiece of sauna craftsmanship.

But, to truly create a revolutionary new smart sauna, The Doctors mPulse sauna series is then outfitted with technology that wirelessly captures and measures your heart rate and calories burned. Each model comes equipped with a built-in biofeedback monitor, as well as a 7” LCD touch-screen that allows you to access custom infrared heating programs, control lighting and sound, set session time and temperature, and track personal metrics.

Exclusive accessories for the mPulse sauna series also track your heart rate, steps taken, and weight and body-mass-index changes. Your session data can be wirelessly transmitted to a personal wellness website, where ongoing progress can be captured and tracked.

The mPulse Smart Sauna as seen on The Doctors from Sunlighten is available in 5 different-sized models: aSPIRE, bELIEVE, cONQUER, dISCOVER, and eMPOWER.

The Doctors sauna mPulse Sauna Series by Sunlighten: The world’s 1st and only full-spectrum infrared sauna!