Custom Sauna Gallery

Outdoor Custom Sauna

A custom sauna can be built nearly anywhere with doors and windows allowing natural light into the space.

Yoga Studio Custom Sauna

A hot yoga studio needed 10′ ceilings allowing for full range of motion in an ADA-compliant commercial space. We designed the sauna with removable benches as they wanted to maximize the interior space for instructor-led yoga. With the floor, we designed a plan that can also support spin classes.

Custom Bathroom Sauna

This custom sauna was built for a client who needed their sauna to have tall ceilings in their bathroom to accommodate a person of great height. We incorporated our Eucalyptus wood on both the interior and exterior.

Professional Sports Team Custom Sauna

Sporting KC’s custom sauna included Full Spectrum heaters and flooring carried over from adjacent rooms. Eucalyptus wood for both interior and exterior panels, along with built-in shelving and built-in sound system.

Custom Sauna with a Picture Window

Commercial space with room for more than 12 people and ADA compliant. Overlooking a pond from the sauna room, the sauna faces west for beautiful, relaxing sunsets over the forest and pond. The windows were incorporated into the design for this aspect. Controls are wired externally to prevent customer tampering. The marble floor was carried over from adjacent room into the sauna.

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