At Sunlighten, we want to change the way the world thinks about wellness. We're committed to innovating wellness products and services you can use to improve your quality of life. And we're building a global community of businesses, consumers, and trusted experts to support you every step of the way.

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Inspired by Family – Driven to Help Others

Aaron and Connie Zack, owners of Sunlighten, have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Early in their careers, as pharmaceutical associates at Proctor and Gamble, they felt good about the solutions they were bringing to the market. But deep down, they both wanted to create a business that would help people achieve their wellness goals, develop healthy lifestyles, and maintain vitality for the long-term. When Connie’s brother, Jason, overcame nearly a decade of illness using infrared therapy, they were thrilled to watch him return to the energetic, vibrant person he once was. Jason founded Sunlighten (then Sunlight Saunas) in 1999 to spread the word about the therapy that changed his life. Inspired by this transformation, Connie and Aaron left their safe, corporate jobs and "jumped off a cliff," as they say, to join the company. They brought their industry expertise and a passion for technological innovation with them. Connie and Aaron’s shared vision of empowering people to improve their quality of life has fueled Sunlighten ever since.

Meet the Team

Aaron Zack President/CEO

  • Competitor, Kid at Heart, Compassionate, Musical Fanatic, Adventurer and Foodie

"Working in an environment that promotes team work while recognizing individual success."

Connie Zack Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

  • Wellness Enthusiast, Inspired, Driven, Positive Thinker, Nurturing

"Passionate about empowering others for healthy living. "

Randy Brown Chief Operations Officer

  • Dominator, Intuitive, Determined, God First, Country

"Sunlighten is dedicated to the development of innovative consumer products for health and wellness that truly work. "

Sam Gegen Sales Manager

  • Disciplined, Ambitious, Fitness Advocate, Evolving, Role Model

"Wellness is invaluable. Educating and helping people optimize their health and be the best 'me' is a priceless experience!"

Tiffany Genrich Controller

  • Number Cruncher, Foster Parent, Report Guru, Family First, Passionate

"Wonderful people, fun environment, feels like a family, company that really, truely cares about its employees and customers."

Brooke Basaldua Marketing Manager

  • Ambitious, Dreamer, Loves to Cook, Mommy, Caring

"Sunlighten fuels my passion for wellness! Empowering others to be healthy through our branding is truly magical."

Dustin Stevens Customer Care Manager

  • Low-Key, Empathetic, Handyman, Reliable, Dependable

"I enjoy working for a company that genuinely cares about the end consumer and their well-being - improving others’ quality of life."

Isaac Lollar Logistics Manager

  • Parent, Farmer, Outdoor Enthusiast, Thoughtful, Analytical

"Being a part of the Sunlighten family has opened my eyes to the importance of making proactive, open minded health decisions. "

Robbie Herold Network Administrator

  • Marksman, Bronco Fanatic, Grill Master, Spelunker, Dependable

"Working in an environment that promotes team work while recognizing individual success. "

Sarah Zolotor

Sarah Davis Sales Associate

  • Mommy, Adventurous, Netflix Expert, Amateur Chef, Feisty

"Sunlighten has allowed me to help others and achieve my goals!"

Brandon Mitchell Sales Associate

  • Fitness Enthusiast, Outgoing, Personable, Passionate, Ambitious

"My #1 objective is to help others obtain and create new health and wellness goals! "

Gretchen Meehan Senior Sales Associate

  • Philanthropist, Driven, Compassionate, Animal Lover, Volunteer

"I am healthier than ever and reminded daily to be thankful for Sunlighten. Persevere to help others reach their health goals!"

Jayson Cole Senior Sales Associate

  • Educator, Persistent, Dog Lover, Goal Oriented, Gym Rat, Coffee Addict

"Witnessing firsthand how on a daily basis I am able to improve people’s quality of life one person at a time."

Mark Donnell Senior Sales Associate

  • Witty, Dog Lover, Cheerful, Active, Ambitious

"Nothing better than helping people improve their health and wellness!"

Alissa Moore Senior Sales Associate

  • Grateful, Compassionate, Intuitive, Volunteer, Spiritual

"Sunlighten has taught me to heal my body from the inside out. I am passionate & strive to empower ALL of my clients with the knowledge to do the same! "

Briana Brewer Commercial Accounts Manager

  • Fitness Enthusiast, Competitive, Easy-Going, Motivated, English Bulldog Lover

"Sunlighten allows me to use my skills and passion of the wellness industry to help others. "

Joey Thomas Commercial Accounts Manager

  • Educator, Compassionate, Business Minded, Traveler, Love to Laugh

"I am grateful to be part of a global enterprise encouraging others to adopt a healthy lifestyle with our innovative wellness products. "

Ryan Combs Customer Care Representative

  • Articulate, Ninja, Customer-Focused, Engaging, Comedian

"Sunlighten allows me to express all facets of my personality! "

Greg Neu Customer Care Representative

  • Outgoing, Ambitious, Animal Lover, Technically Minded, Understanding

"Being part of the Sunlighten family has been so rewarding, knowing that through hard work, we are making a major difference in people's lives."