4 Tips to Spring into Wellness

It’s something said every year, but it’s true- it’s been a long winter. But as the snow melts and we move into spring, there is still plenty of time to get into better shape before beach season. That said, it can seem overwhelming scrolling through your feed looking for some healthy inspiration – taking the first leap is the difficult part for many of us. Healthy tips like the ones below can help get you started on the journey.

Use all available resources

  • Schedule fitness time with a friend to increase accountability (you will not want to let them down!), motivates you to work harder, and can even result in you learning new exercises & techniques.
  • Depending on your comfort level, sharing your progress and results on social media can be a great way to hold yourself responsible. Sharing your fitness journey is a great way to feel supported and loved by your family and friends. Join the Sunlighten Facebook Tribe and we will help you along the way.
  • You may have your most vital asset in the palm of your hand.  Using a workout app like Aaptiv and others help provide the structure and guidance of trainer-led workouts that you can do anywhere on your own schedule.
  • So, whether it’s wearable fitness trackers, DNA fitness tracking, Youtube fitness channels, fitness apps, or all of the above, technology has changed the way we teach and learn about health and wellness.

Check your form

  • There’s nothing worse than jumping headlong into a fitness routine… and then getting sidelined by exercise-related injuries.
  • Lifting too much, failing to warm up and stretch properly, using machines incorrectly, improper form, and more contribute to pain, injury, and ultimately, discouragement.
  • Don’t waste time on ineffective workouts. Make sure you’re using gym equipment properly, warm up before and stretch out after, and practice your form in the mirror so you can watch yourself and correct as needed.
  • REST!! When you are building muscle, keep in mind that you are also breaking them down. Resting helps muscles to receive the proper nutrients and recover so that they can be broken down again.

Sweat it out

  • Sunlighten sauna therapy can give your fitness routine a boost
  • A 2013 study conducted at the Auburn University at Montgomery concluded that stretching in a Sunlighten sauna can increase flexibility 3x
  • By sitting in a Sunlighten sauna for just a few minutes a day you can detoxify the body, accelerate muscle recovery, increase growth hormone. Your body gets washed with relaxation, healing accelerates, increase growth hormone production and other hormones, like cortisol, come to a state in equilibrium.

Try simple swaps

  • It can be really difficult to make huge diet changes all at once, and has been proven not to work effectively in the long run.
  • Fortunately, there are many easy changes you can make to your daily food intake that add up to improved nutrition and healthy weight loss.
    ○ Practice portion control
    ○ Stay hydrated- & don’t “drink” your calories
    ○ Swap your snacks for healthier options
    ○ Fit in more protein
  • Be kind to yourself and celebrate each healthy choice. As our friend Dr. Michelle Robin tells us, small changes lead to big shifts.

Spring forward into your personal wellness zone one change at a time. Making small nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle changes, as well as using your friends and technology as aides, will empower you to be your best self year round.

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Sunlighten saunas are not a medical device as defined by Section 201(h) of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act. Sunlighten provides general information relating to various medical conditions for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Please consult with your physician regarding diagnosis or treatment.

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