Big 10 Basketball + Healthy, Local Food = A Perfect Match

Thanks to two members of the Sunlighten family, this year Aaron and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. We love college basketball, so when Sunlighten customer and Michigan State University men's basketball coach, Tom Izzo, invited us to a game, we couldn't resist a weekend getaway to Michigan. On our trip we indulged in healthy eats at Dr. Joel Kahn’s restaurant, GreenSpace Cafe. Here are some insights from our visit with Dr. Kahn and highlights of our amazing experience at the game.

Quiet (but Thrilled!) behind the Michigan State Bench

Recently, Tom became a member of the Sunlighten 3-in-1 family. When I heard the great news, I shared what a huge fan I am of him and Big 10 Basketball. I went to Indiana University, so Tom offered to get me tickets to the Indiana-Michigan State game on Valentine’s Day! What a great opportunity for Aaron and I to watch the Hoosiers live and visit another Big Ten school. I silently cheered on my team, who played a very strong first half. In the end, Michigan State was too good for my Hoosiers and they pulled out an easy W. 

While I was disappointed with a loss, I was very happy for Tom, his wife and the entire organization. We were able to get a tour of the Breslin Center, and everyone we met was engaging, warm, extremely kind and passionate about their Spartans. Plus, we were even able to snag some autographs from some of the top MSU players as a gift to Hudson. What a treat!

A Delicious Meal at GreenSpace Cafe

While we were in Michigan, Aaron and I took the opportunity to visit Dr. Joel Kahn, another loyal customer and friend of Sunlighten. Dr. Kahn founded and runs the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Detroit. As an integrative cardiologist, he’s committed to diagnosing heart and artery damage as early as possible and identifying its root causes.

What I really love about his practice is his focus on holistic, natural healing. His team uses sleep therapy, nutrition, complementary treatments (including infrared sauna therapy), supplements, stress management and fitness to stop and reverse heart disease. 

Of course, healthy eating is a big part of his recommendations. As Dr. Kahn likes to say, “An ounce of wheatgrass juice is worth a pound of Lipitor.” To provide people a comfortable venue to enjoy their vegetables, Dr. Kahn opened a delicious and contemporary new vegan restaurant called GreenSpace Café. Aaron and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner there during our visit to Michigan! The restaurant has a modern, inviting atmosphere, and it's great for a date night. And clearly others agree as the place was packed! I had the roasted avocado to start, followed by a lentil burger and a vegan version of a banana split for dessert. It was delicious! We're really happy for Dr. Kahn. If you're headed to Detroit, it's worth a visit! 

Eating Organic and Feeling Healthy

I’m super excited about GreenSpace because it serves locally sourced, non-GMO, organic foods and fresh juices. Everything tastes super fresh. At our house we eat organic with fresh juices as much as possible. Plus, organic foods taste better, especially the “ugly” heirloom varieties grown for taste, not looks. Because GMO foods don’t have to be labeled in the U.S., eating organic is also the best way to avoid genetically modified foods.

This list of 10 reasons to go organic from Prevention magazine also explains how eating organic is better for the environment. Organic farming reduces the amount of chemical pollutants found in farmland and our water supply. It also encourages genetic diversity in crops—which means we have access to more and tastier varieties of the produce we love.

As a mom committed to raising healthy boys, eating healthy is especially important. I’m so grateful for Dr. Kahn and other restaurant owners who believe in the value of sourcing local organics. Thank you for making it easier than ever to eat healthy and delicious foods!

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