BulletProof Biohacking Conference 2016 – What an Experience!

I just attended the 2016 Biohacking Bulletproof Conference, and it was absolutely amazing!  We learned so much about holistic wellness from what I like to refer to as “the trinity” – body, mind and spirit.  The speakers were great, the tech hall was fantastic and anything having to do with health and wellness excites me in general – especially when they mention Sunlighten Saunas and the benefits of LED light therapy.

What is Bulletproof® and BioHacking?

This was the 4th annual conference put on by a company called Bulletproof®Bulletproof® is an organization founded in Bellevue, Washington by a man named Dave Asprey.  Like many people the world over, Dave struggled with his weight, topping out at 300 pounds before he turned his lifestyle around by “hacking” his body’s biology (hence his job title, bio-hacker).  He lost this weight without exercising excessively or calorie counting.  How?  Mr. Asprey did it via a high-fat, high-vegetable, moderate-protein, low-toxin, and low-starch eating plan that targets 50–70% of calories from healthy fats, 20% from protein, 20% from vegetables, and 5% from fruit or starch.

He wrote a best-selling book called The Bulletproof Diet and has a huge celebrity following with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Fallon and many other notables.

One of the cool things he talked about at the conference was how using fat instead of sugar kept your cravings and hunger pains away while keeping people focused and on-task (something very important for all you entrepreneurs out there).

bulletproof-biohacking-conference-lose-weight-fast-1Offering a range of products from coffee to supplements, snacks and performance kits, Bulletproof® is a revolutionary diet designed to keep people healthy, with lots of energy and without needing to count calories or exercise excessively in order to lose weight.  You can check it out here.     



Highlights of the Biohacking Bulletproof Conference

The Biohacking Bulletproof Conference was a 3-day conference I attended last month.  They featured some amazing speakers such as Bo Eason who is an ex-NFL player and Alberto Villodo who is a clinical professor-turned-shaman.  All of the speakers were remarkable and very knowlegable in their fields!

Founder of Bulletproof® and New York Times best-selling author, Dave Asprey, is on the cutting-edge of taking control of and improving one’s biochemistry. Dave believes in the power of re-engineering your mind and body so they work in unison. Sunlighten has joined him on this mission to empower others and move everyone towards healthier living.

What I especially liked was the Conference covered the benefits of LED light therapy by using red lights at 660nm and 880nm for maximal penetration. Red light therapy can be used for localized targets, such as neck or joint pain, where 880nm can be used as LLLT (low level light therapy) to hack your focus and super-charge your cells to revitalize and restore themselves. NIR at 880nm is the deepest penetration, Sunlighten offers LLLT (NIR) in all our mPulse units.  They even have a few articles on their Bulletproof blog highlighting the benefits of Infrared Saunas – isn’t that cool?

Who Else Was At the Conference?

We also talked about stem cell therapy with Dr. Harry Adelson. Dave Asprey received stem cells three times in an area that all guys will be crossing their legs…that’s right ladies and gents – Dave is hardcore into health and wellness and will do whatever it takes to stay healthy, young and fit!

The interesting thing about stem cells is while our body creates tons of stem cells as children, we create less and less as we get older.  By the time we hit the age of 30, our stem cell production has dropped significantly.  Dr. Adelson created a form of stem cell therapy which not only boosts your stem cell production, but it wakes up dormant stem cells in your body.  He specializes in muscular-skeletal pain and uses both fat derived and bone derived stem cells in his regenerative injection therapy.  You can check out Dave’s interview with him here.

One of my other favorite talks was Dr. Love (AKA Paul Zak).  The first day of the conference had us on the edge of our seats – he spoke about how to increase your oxytocin by using a chemical release from the body from hugging throughout the day. You can imagine there was a lot of hugging going on at the conference!  You can read more about him here or watch the interview given by Dave.  If you haven’t done so already, turn to someone and give them a hug – for health’s sake!

bulletproof-biohacking-conference-lose-weight-fast-2In summary, the conference was amazing, and we enjoyed all the bulletproof coffee we could drink!  They had cutting edge technology in their tech hall, a cornucopia of information on how to bio-hack your own body for healthy results and amazing speakers.  I can’t wait to attend their next conference!





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