How a Commercial Sauna Can Increase Your Revenue

Did you know that Sweat Sells?  Have you considered purchasing a Sunlighten sauna for your business?  As the leader in our industry, we offer proprietary far infrared and full spectrum infrared sauna technology that is the most effective on the market for detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, heart health and anti-aging.  We have what your clients are asking for!  Our team will work to understand your business needs to support your success.  Not only will we get you the right product but will support you after the sale.  No other sauna company can say the same.

With every Sunlighten infrared sauna, the benefits are unparalleled.  Consider this:

  • Preferred vendor of over 2,000 commercial facilities world-wide
  • Recommended by more health professionals over any other
  • Dedicated staff to help achieve your business goals
  • Revenue generating referral/partnership opportunities
  • Access to world class marketing materials

In addition, there is that Sunlighten Quality that we are famous for:

  • Built to commercially rated wiring & electrical specifications
  • Specifically designed to handle continuous operation (others max out at 90 min)
  • 100% thicker wood over any other commercial infrared sauna
  • Clinically-backed sauna heaters with benefits including weight loss, detoxification and heart health

A Sunlighten commercial sauna for your business is truly a low-cost investment that generates immediate revenue and pays for itself.  Satisfied customers (both commercial and personal use) continually reach out to us with their success stories and offer fantastic testimonials.  We truly believe that their words speak volumes!  Take this very specific case study as an example:

In 2010, Dr. Jane Murray, owner of The Sastun Center of Integrative Health Care, purchased an mPulse bELIEVE as a way to offer a natural, whole-body wellness experience that could be used in combination with other therapies or used alone for a variety of health benefits.  So how does Dr. Murray use her Sunlighten sauna to generate additional revenue?   Patients can purchase 30 minute sessions at $35 each or 5 for $150.  The practice benefits from the unassisted revenue the mPulse infrared sauna provides and promotes its availability in newsletters, social media, brochures and waiting room signage.  Sastun averages one to three mPulse bookings every day.  Result:  The bookings offer an additional $39,000 in annual revenue potential!

They sell Products. We sell Solutions.  At Sunlighten, we sell commercial-grade infrared sauna solutions that relax deeply, contribute to health and wellness, and lead the market in quality.  Contact us today at 877.292.0020 and let us help you with the perfect commercial sauna solution for YOUR business!

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