Dr. Ian Smith Talks About Portable Infrared Saunas on Rachael Ray Show

Solo Portable Sauna 300x171 Rachael Ray and Dr. Ian Smith talk about infrared sauna for weight loss on today’s Rachael Ray Show. The unit featured on the show, the SlimDome, is a single-unit, lie-down infrared sauna. The always perky Rachael and Dr. Ian (LOVE him on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club!) discussed that these types of infrared saunas are used by celebrities and medical spas for significant personal weight loss.

We watched today’s show with great interest because, although they were discussing the SlimDome, Sunlighten’s Solo System™ portable infrared sauna was the ORIGINAL single-unit infrared sauna. The Solo System, though, is offered to the public at a QUARTER OF THE PRICE of the Slim Dome.

Sunlighten™ offers the Solo System™ for under $3,000 whereas Slim Dome units are marked up to nearly $15,000 for a functionally identical product.

The infrared heat technology offered in both the Slim Dome and Sunlighten’s Solo System™ provides significant WEIGHT LOSS for users. Dr. Ian specifically mentioned the calories burned in an infrared sauna session on Rachael’s show. As calculated by the amount of increase in heart rate, a 30-minute infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories.

Solo Infrared Sauna - Medical UseClinical proof of these weight-loss benefits can be found in a study published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes, which found that infrared sauna therapy can induce weight loss and reduce waist circumference, especially for patients forced to be sedentary due to medical conditions.

Other health benefits of the Sunlighten Solo System™ and the SlimDome include increased circulation, lower blood pressure, cellular detoxification, pain relief, muscle recovery, skin rejuvenation, wound healing and immunity boosting.

Fans of Rachael Ray will be happy to know that they can order a Sunlighten Solo System™ for a quarter of the price of the SlimDome, and enjoy all the health benefits of infrared heat at home!

Read more about the features of the space-saving Solo System:

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