What exactly is a “Smart Sauna”?

We here at Sunlighten are so excited about our newest product – the full spectrum mPulse™ infrared sauna series. We call it the world’s first “smart sauna”.

What exactly is a “smart sauna”? Good question!  Take a look at the following video featuring Sunlighten’s Global Distribution Manager, Erin Roscetti.  She explains what is meant by “smart technology” and discusses the mPulse Infrared Sauna’s industry-leading bio-feedback and tracking/monitoring capabilities.

Erin mentions several features unique to the mPulse™ Series of infrared saunas.  These include the 7″ LCD touchscreen–the on-board “hub” where your progress, health benefits and bio-metrics are transmitted to our wellness website.  She also discusses the various biofeedback accessories, including the Intelli-watch (worn on the wrist) and the heart rate monitor.

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