Frequently Asked Questions About Sunlighten Saunas

A Simple Checklist Before Your Sunlighten Sauna Purchase

Sunlighten wants to ensure you are completely happy with your sauna. Sometimes, it is the little things that can make a new purchase frustrating. Below are questions you should consider to choose the right sauna for you.

How will I use my Sunlighten Sauna?

Depending on why you are purchasing your sauna can directly affect the model decision. All Sunlighten saunas are highly effective for detoxification because of our highly-efficient and patented Solocarbon far infrared heating technology.

If you want to lay down in your sauna or if you are a taller person, a larger model will be more comfortable for you. How about some hot yoga? Will you be exercising or stretching in your sauna? The Signature and mPulse  Collections have the ability to remove the bench for more room. Or just sit and do some chair yoga or your own personal relaxation techniques that work for you.

If you are looking for customizable wellness programs, our mPulse collection comes programmed with six wellness programs and the option to create custom programs based on your wellness goals.

Sauna Collection Infrared
Wellness Programs A.R.T. Chromotherapy
Solo System FIR - -
Signature FIR - Optional
mPulse FIR, MIR, NIR Optional

Are There Specific Electrical Requirements for my Sunlighten Sauna?

Sunlighten saunas deliver therapeutic Far Infrared with all of their saunas, and the 3-in-1 mPulse delivers Near, Mid and Far Infrared. From the Solo System to the mPulse, each one has specific electrical requirements and for the Signature and mPulse models, a dedicated electrical breaker is required for the system to function efficiently.

What is a Dedicated Electrical Breaker?

A normal breaker will have multiple outlets that are connected to that breaker. For example, if you opened your breaker box, you would see labels such as living room, dining room or family room.  If you were to shut off one of those breakers, multiple things would go down with it. It is common to have up to 5 outlets or more on one breaker. For larger appliances, such as a washer and dryer, or refrigerator, run on their own breaker. These large appliances require a specific amount of energy to function properly, otherwise they could fatigue and wear out sooner than expected.

Why does the Signature or mPulse Require a Dedicated Breaker?

If you attempt to run your Signature or mPulse on a shared breaker, it will not be able to pull enough energy required to heat properly, causing fatigue on the heaters. Some people question, if they do not have anything else plugged into these shared outlets, could a Signature or mPulse run on the breaker? Even if there is nothing plugged into the outlet, the outlets are all still pulling electricity from the breaker. They sit on stand-by, ready to power anything plugged in and they are pulling voltage and amperage away from the sauna. This causes the sauna heaters to work harder to reach the desired temperature and lose energy efficiency..

When the sauna is on its own breaker, it is receiving the right  amperage and voltage to run efficiently and normally, without fatigue on the heaters.

Does the Portablable Solo Pad and Dome System Require a Dedicated Breaker?

The solo pad and dome system is different since it is a portable unit. The solo system benefits people who are limited on space, are unable to install a dedicated breaker, such as in apartments  or rent. Or those who want the flexibility and portability of far infrared light therapy.

Even though the solo does not require a dedicated breaker, be aware of dimming lights. An example of this would be when a person plugs in their hair dryer in the bathroom and the lights dim or flicker for a moment. This is caused by the high demand of electricity from the hair dryer. If this happens, use a different outlet that is not being taxed as much from other sources.

What Are the Required Voltages and Amperage for Each Sunlighten Sauna?

The Sunlighten sauna units use 20 AMP. We found the higher amperage was able to produce a more sustainable and continuous heat and less stress on the heaters for the unit.

mPulse saunas will display an error code, if it is not receiving the correct voltage and amperage with the dedicated outlet. Please ensure that your electrician sets up the outlet to deliver the correct electrical requirements. Below are the specific voltage and amperage for each sauna. *If the Signature or mPulse are not on a dedicated breaker, it will void the heater and electrical component warranty*

What Wood Option Should I Choose?

There are three wood options available when purchasing a Sunlighten sauna. Below are characteristics of each wood type to help guide you towards the right wood choice for you.

Basswood: Basswood is a preferred wood for those who have sensitivities to fragrances and other irritants. It is a hypoallergenic and does not emit any fragrances or toxins, and is completely safe for those with allergies. Basswood is very consistent in color containing few knots and is a durable hardwood that is not likely to warp or bend with temperature changes.

**This wood is perfect for commercial use. Sunlighten uses FSC-certified basswood sourced from the United States.

Cedar: Cedar has always been a popular wood choice for both traditional and infrared saunas because of its natural resistance to moisture. Cedar will not expand or contract as much as other woods when temperature fluctuations, meaning that it is less likely to bend and warp with regular (or commercial) use.

Western Redwood Cedar is one of the world’s most durable woods but can vary in quality. Sunlighten’s cedar is sourced from Vancouver Island where the grain is dense and has the deepest red color of any Western Red Cedar. Our sauna wood is of the highest quality, beautifully aesthetic and is PEFC-certified.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is a strong, durable wood that historically has been used for cabinetry and floor work for many years. It is a premium wood, similar to teak, which is great for surviving the outdoor elements.  If you want to place your sauna outside, this is the best option. Eucalyptus withstands dramatic temperature changes and does not bend or warp over time. The wood is consistent in color which makes it easy to stain, holding a beautiful color that can match any room theme. For those who have sensitivities to odors,  there is no fragrance in our eucalyptus wood.

**Some sauna companies use Hemlock, Spruce or Pine woods for their saunas. Sunlighten does not utilize hemlock, spruce or pine wood in our models because these woods are more likely to warp and bow in extreme temperature fluctuations, which would occur in an infrared sauna diminishing the longevity of the product.

What is the Most Efficient  Way to Measure for Sauna Space?

Where do you plan on placing your sauna? Will it be downstairs? Are the stairs straight down, or is there a bend? We encourage you to measure where the sauna will be placed. There are specifications for each sauna that give you the length and width of each panel that will need to be carried to the desired location for setup. If you can not get the material through a door or down stairs, you may want to consider a different model or location. Once you decide which area the sauna will go, the next step will be room placement.

Here is an easy way to visually see how much floor space the sauna will occupy. Measure and mark the desired area with tape.  Fill the marked area with paper to get a visual of how much floor space the sauna will occupy. If the sauna is going to block doors, windows or views, you may consider a new placement of your sauna.

Where is the Best Placement for my Sunlighten Sauna?

The placement of the sauna is directly associated with where a person lives. For a comparative example, we will use a car for an example. If a car is parked outside and it is over 100 degrees, using your air conditioning, it is going to take a lot longer to cool down than if it is 80 degrees. The same can be said if it is cold outside. The colder it is outside, the longer it will take for a car heater to heat up the inside cabin of the car.

Your Sunlighten Sauna reacts the same way.  It doesn’t necessarily matter where you place the sauna, but it will take longer to heat depending where a person resides. The sauna heats up about a minute a degree and if they live in a warm, dry temperature climate like Arizona, the sauna can go basically anywhere, and not have a long heating period before use. If a person resides in a cold climate state, it would be best not to place the sauna in a garage, unless it is heated. Otherwise, it will take a substantially longer period of time to reach the desired temperature inside. It would be best practice to place the sauna in a heated room.

Can I place a Sunlighten Sauna Outside?

Sunlighten saunas can be placed outside, however, a custom-fit canvas cover is required to keep the warranty intact. We offer canvas covers that are custom made for each Sunlighten sauna model. If the sauna is not covered with a Sunlighten cover, it will void the warranty. If you want to place your sauna outside, Sunlighten recommends cedar wood. It is the most durable in the outside environment.

The Signature series has its core electrical components in the roof of the sauna. The mPulse’s core components are housed inside the sauna, but there are some electronics on the roof as well. Therefore, it is important that the sauna is in a dry place where moisture can’t get in. If the sauna is to be placed outside, it is recommended that is placed either inside a structure like a gazebo or under a covered patio or deck with the included furniture feet installed to raise it off the ground. It is not required to have the sauna placed on a base, but there have been instances where people have placed their saunas on the grass and bugs made their way into the sauna.

What is the Sunlighten Sauna Warranty?

There are a lot of “lifetime” warranties quoted by other sauna brands.  But the fact of the matter is that a lifetime warranty on an electrical product is not realistic.  If you recall the last time you shopped for an appliance for your home such as a washer/dryer or refrigerator, the standard warranty was probably one year.  Our warranty covers normal use for the lifetime of the product which is defined as seven years. We want to ensure we are here for our customers in the long run and providing unlimited upgrades for an electrical product is not fiscally responsible.  Since we have engineered our products and sourced all materials, we are confident the longevity of the sauna will go far beyond seven years. Listed below are the warranties for residential and commercial. Commercial warranties differ due to the higher volume of use.

mPulse® Series
Residential: Limited lifetime (7 years) on cabinetry and heaters, 3 years on controls; 1 year on stereo*
Commercial: 5 years on cabinetry and heaters; 1 year on controls, bench, floor, backrest and stereo*

Signature® Series & Community
Residential: Limited lifetime (7 years) on cabinetry and heaters; 3 years on controls; 1 year on stereo*
Commercial: 5 years on cabinetry and heaters; 1 year on controls, bench, floor, backrest and stereo*

Solo System®
Residential: Limited lifetime (7 years) on heaters and controls; 3 years on controls and Solopad cover; 1 year on heater fabric and Solopad memory foam*
Commercial: 5 years on heaters; 1 year on controls and Solopad cover; 1 year on heater fabric and Solopad memory foam*

Closeout & Floor Models: 5 years on heaters; 1 year on cabinetry and controls
Blaupunkt Premium Sound System: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Chromotherapy: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Water-Resistant Cover: The limited warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable because of loss of color or strength from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. Consumer is responsible for normal care and cleaning of the fabric. This warranty covers fabric only, and is for (1) year.**

*Limited Lifetime Warranty covers normal use for the lifetime of the product which is defined as 7 years. Warranty is limited to replacement parts only and does not include costs for crating of glass door or freight for parts shipped past 90 days from the date of receipt of goods. The cost of labor and/or service technicians is not included.

**If sauna is placed outdoors, failure to utilize the .004 plastic sheet supplied as additional water protection fro your sauna will void your warranty. The fabric used for the roof of the waterproof cover is resistant to water penetration; however it is sewn to the acrylic canvas sides. It is required to place the plastic sheet included directly over the sauna roof prior to installing the cover and placing an object on the sauna roof to give the fabric elevation for water to run off as further protection.

What can Void a Sunlighten Warranty?

If a customer calls in with heating issues, the first question Sunlighten asks is if it is on a dedicated breaker. If the heaters have fatigued due to running on a shared breaker, the sauna is not covered under the warranty.

Customers who choose to place their saunas outside and do not use the required sauna cover and damage occurs, this voids the warranty.

You can read the full warranty policy here.

Sunlighten recommends adding your sauna to your homeowners or renters insurance for coverage in case of natural disasters, floods or fires.

If you have any questions regarding a Sunlighten Sauna, please give us a call at 1-877-292-0020. We are here to assist you.

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