Sauna Accessories to Enhance Your Experience

Sauna accessories offered by SunlightenMaybe you’ve just purchased a Solo System sauna for personal use. Perhaps you enjoy using one of our mPulse Series full spectrum far infrared saunas at your favorite day spa or fitness club.  Either way, you’ll enjoy Solocarbon® heating technology and products that have been clinically tested to show detoxification, weight loss and heart health benefits.

Did you know that we have an online store chock full of great products and sauna accessories to make your Sunlighten experience even better?  Many of these products are at their season’s-lowest pricing…so take advantage today!

Bamboo Carbon Towels

These are a necessity with any sauna!  Sunlighten Bamboo Carbon Towels are not only exceptionally soft; they also have unique characteristics that are beneficial both inside and outside your sauna:

  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deodorizing
  • Emit 91% of infrared rays for full exposure
  • Block up to 98% of UV rays when used in the sun
  • Highly absorbent for water and sweat

Sauna Cleaning Products

Natural, fragrance-free cleaners made specifically for use with your sauna.

Our Glass & Sauna Cleaning Products:

  • Are 100% Natural
  • List All Ingredients
  • Use Plant-Based Surfactants
  • Are Safe On Delicate Surfaces
  • Use Recyclable Packaging and concentrated to produce 16 gallons of cleaner

Pure Sweat-Sweat Cream

Get better results from sauna sessions & workouts with increased circulation and an intensified sweat. Benefits of sweat cream include:  intensified sweating, increased circulation, accelerated caloric burn, release of built-up toxins, fights muscle fatigue, targets problem areas and enhanced vasodilation.

Sauna Toning Kit

Intensify the effects of sauna sessions and boost weight loss with our functional sauna toning kit.  Use in conjunction with an infrared sauna to increase heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate for faster results.  The kit includes a stability cushion, Pilates ring, balance board and sauna workout guide.

Biofeedback Devices

Achieve your wellness goals with the help of biofeedback devices and  Wear Sunlighten Biofeedback Accessories during sauna sessions to track heart rate and calories burned, then upload to to see progress over time.

We also feature an assortment of health and wellness books that are very popular with our clients and sauna enthusiasts alike!  Topics include:  fighting cancer holistically, optimizing your well-being and living a more vibrant life, blood sugar imbalances, and a “how-to” manual for living a purpose-filled life.

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