Sunlighten Infrared Saunas Support National Autism Association

Sunlighten Continues Partnership with National Autism Association for Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to the continued reports of positive effects of Sunlighten therapies for children with autism, we are more committed than ever to continue our partnership with the National Autism Association (NAA) to provide additional help and hope: For the month of April (which is Autism Awareness Month), Sunlighten is donating a portion of sales to NAA!

national autism association group picture Why are we such big supporters of the National Autism Association? As parents, we are all witness to the growing epidemic of autism, and we care deeply about its effects on the children who live with it – and their families who are looking for answers to provide the best care possible for them.

“Autism is growing at a staggering rate. The detoxification benefits of our far and full spectrum infrared saunas are often sought after by both parents and health care providers of those on the autism spectrum. Now affecting one in 50 children, it only makes sense for us to pay it forward to this cause,” said Connie Zack, Sunlighten’s co-founder.

Far Infrared Sauna Autism Treatments

Sauna Detox Therapies for Autism

While there is no cure for autism, children and adults on the autism spectrum can still live happy and fulfilling lives by finding methods that help to cope with anxiety, sensory issues, sleeping disorders and other related challenges. Sunlighten’s saunas are often used by health care practitioners as a natural, non-invasive and relaxing way for a child to detoxify at the cellular level. The far infrared rays also increase blood flow to reduce the body’s hold on environmental toxins and reduce inflammation caused by viral exposure.

Continued research in this area supports these benefits:

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Founder of the Klinghardt Academy said, “With clinically-backed infrared heaters, Sunlighten saunas aid in detoxification, blood pressure reduction, weight loss, pain relief and skin purification. Made of non-toxic materials with easy set-up, comfort and use, these are the preferred choice for treatment of autism, Lyme disease and other chronic conditions for lifetime use.”

Dr. Rachel West, integrative family medicine physician and osteopath, says that infrared therapy gets the blood moving through the pathways of elimination including liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal track, colon and skin in a way that is safe for people of all ages – including children.

The Next Level of Music Therapy for Autism

Sunlighten also provides Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.). This combines the healing effects of sound and vibration within the sauna experience to balance the brainwaves, creating a deep sense of relaxation. A.R.T. has been shown to significantly reduce stress, improve mood, balance the heart rate and increase circulation and enhance creativity, communication and problem solving capabilities. You may try Acoustic Resonance Therapy in addition or as alternative treatments for autism under your doctor’s supervision.

For traditional music therapy or if your child simply requires a certain CD or DVD to relax, Sunlighten saunas are typically equipped with either a CD player with MP3 input or DVD player and 7 inch LCD. Using a familiar soundtrack or DVD can help introduce your autistic child to a new experience that may become his or her most relaxing therapy yet.

The National Autism Association is a parent-led non-profit organization that educates and empowers families affected by autism. Visit their site at (And don’t forget – a portion of our sales this month will be donated to the NAA to help them in their efforts to support the needs of the autism community!)

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