Sunlighten Saunas Benefit Health, Wellness & Fitness Businesses

Did you know that Sunlighten has a whole sales team dedicated to providing our saunas to other businesses? Doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, spas, fitness centers, massage therapists, and athletic trainers all use Sunlighten infrared saunas as a part of their practice or business.

One such business, Devon Fitness near Philadelphia, was recently featured on the local news, showing off its Sunlighten infrared sauna and talking about the sauna benefits fitness center clients take advantage of.

Over 2,000 commercial facilities world-wide use Sunlighten saunas, which are recommended by more health professionals over any other. Many businesses use the saunas as an added value for customers while others use it as an income-generating tool in and of itself.

A Sunlighten infrared sauna is a low cost investment that immediately generates revenue. With our financing option, many of our customers even pay off the balance with the revenue generated.

mPulsa conquer sauna roe 300x89 Another fitness center client had this to say about her club’s sauna to Sunlighten owner Connie Zack:

Dear Connie,

We have had our [Sunlighten infrared sauna] since July of this year [ed. note: this was a few years ago]. We absolutely love it. Our customers are already falling in love with it. They tell us their skin is softer and also those with complexion trouble spots are seeing improvement. Of course, many of our ladies love the burning the extra calories after their workouts. I have arthritis and it helps me reduce the stiffness. Many of us are finding that we are more relaxed after using it. We are glad that we took the time to find what we believe is the best manufacturer in the industry. . . . She [club employee] tells me all the time that it [the sauna] helps her to sell gym memberships and I agree. You can call us anytime.


Judith Wiatrowski, Owner Altered Image Fitness
Schereville, Indiana

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