Sunlighten’s Exclusive Manufacturing Process

Sunlighten sauna designer and engineer “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” While maybe not the best model of delegation, we here at Sunlighten think this motto is the absolute best approach to infrared sauna design and manufacturing. Unlike many sauna retailers, Sunlighten controls its entire design and manufacturing process.

We are constantly working with designers, engineers and scientists to research and develop new products. In recent years, our exclusive efforts have resulted in first-to-market products like the full spectrum mPulse infrared saunas, the all-new far infrared Signature sauna and the redesigned Solo portable infrared heat pad. Sunlighten holds several patents with another patent application still pending. We’ve even patented the Magna-Seal assembly system we designed for use in our wooden saunas.

The creative process has been lauded by international panels including the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In 2010, our newly launched mPulse model was honored as an Innovation Award winner – a best-in-show designation at the world’s largest trade show.

After the initial design process is complete, we then put our saunas to the test with health and safety inspections by qualified engineers and other professionals. Each of our infrared saunas has been put through extensive safety and efficiency testing and certifications.

DSC04397 sauna floor 224x300 When we are satisfied with our design, Sunlighten’s sourcing and manufacturing process begins. We control and oversee our own sourcing and manufacturing. We know that that there are sauna retailers out there claiming to use our manufacturers but that is simply just not true.

As with the industry as a whole, our saunas are produced in Asia. Our advantage is that we control our manufacturing facilities in terms of quality assurance and exclusivity, similar to the way Apple sources its products. We have Sunlighten associates employed overseas to ensure total quality control. Home office employees also make regular visits to oversee manufacturing.

Sunlighten takes every opportunity to be a leader in the health and wellness industry. We are not content to copy others and claim to be just like them as seems to be the industry norm these days. Sunlighten strives to lead and be better than the rest.

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