Words of Wisdom from JP Sears: Empowerment Through Laughter

My second favorite biohack for creating an open mind that doesn’t stop growing or learning is laughter. Specifically, laughter that’s arising out of amusement with yourself is the most beneficial variety in my experience. In other words, laughing at yourself is a nutritious source of mind empowerment that can tear through the self-imposed cocoons of limited beliefs and stories that all people impose on themselves to one degree or another. Being careful not to slide down the slippery slope of laughing at yourself from the angle of shame is essential, as that is psychologically toxic and ultimately closes the mind and shuts down the heart more. Coming from a laughing angle of amusement and compassion towards yourself is golden.

My all time favorite biohack for the mind is a practice of not believing one’s own beliefs. Having beliefs, yet not believing your beliefs. That might sound a little paradoxical, because it is. My intuition tells me that Buddha would tell you that it’s a practice of non-attachment. Looking upon your beliefs that are most important to you, not through a mind closing lens of certainty, but rather through a mind expanding lens of curiosity encourages ongoing mind expansion and learning.

I’ve combined my two favorite biohacks for the mind in my new comedy book, How To Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 ½ Steps To Spiritual Superiority. For those of us in the health and/or new age culture, it helps us laugh at ourselves and practices (even the ones that help us the most) while also delivering a deeper message that challenges us to grow beyond old beliefs that might be comforting, yet restricting of growth. Some might call How To Be Ultra Spiritual a biohack for your soul!

Guest Contributor
J.P. Sears

JP is an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work is intended to empower people to empower themselves to live more meaningful lives.

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