Marketing Support

Commercial Infrared Saunas Marketing Support

By owning our own commercial spa, we know how to market infrared therapy to create demand, generate income, and increase your referral network. We have taken out the guesswork and packaged up your tools for success for incorporating Sunlighten therapy into your business. Via our Marketing Portal, you will find training documents, marketing collateral, swipe copy and imagery. As part of our partnership, we will help guide you in making decisions on how to make the most use of provided marketing materials both within your facility and beyond as well as marketing techniques that have been successful for our commercial network.

Marketing Portal

While the unique craftsmanship and quality-controlled materials that go into our infrared saunas make Sunlighten one-of-a-kind, it’s also how we provide you the whole package – research, education materials, and answers to all your questions – that make us the infrared sauna of choice. We remain your partners in wellness.


Business Support Material

Start here to flawlessly incorporate Sunlighten sauna sessions into your business. With provided training documents, you can educate your team on this exciting new treatment you offer. We also supply recommendations for pricing, packages, and special offers to maximize revenue. Sauna protocols will guide you on how to provide the ultimate sauna experience.

Promotional Assets

Select various forms of copy for your website, email promotions, and social media channels to promote and educate your clients on the benefits of Sunlighten sauna sessions. You will also find approved logos, web banners, and other imagery here to create your own marketing materials.

Sunlighten Videos

Choose from our video library to promote Sunlighten sauna sessions for your business. From customer testimonials to wellness expert testimonials to webinars with doctors and interviews on TV to product guides and informational videos, we have a variety of videos to support your marketing efforts.

Marketing Downloads

This is your library of marketing materials that can be downloaded and sent to your local printer. We supply you with print collateral to educate your clients on Sunlighten infrared therapy, such as brochures and one-sheets specific to your sauna and its health benefits. Also found here will be in-store signage and a sauna consent form.