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The lotus blossoms with the light every day. Like that beautiful flower, you can find hope in stories, studies, and scientific a-ha moments that enlighten our mind and encourage our heart. The lotus symbolizes an overcoming spirit. Rooted in dark, muddy waters, it finds a way to thrive. As you spur yourself on through struggles and challenges, we want to help. We are constantly gathering the brightest ideas to help you on your journey of wholeness and well-being. Let this place be a resource for you.

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4 minute read

Biological Age vs. Chronological Age—Why It Matters  

Discovering the secrets to aging gracefully and living a longer, healthier life is at the heart of recent breakthroughs in longevity research. Imagine having the power to not only know your age but also understand how well your body is aging internally. This knowledge opens the door to making lifestyle changes that could potentially reverse the aging process and extend your years of vitality.


6 minute read

Understanding the Link Between Inflammation and Your Age 

It’s called inflammaging, and it marks the physiological process of your cells changing. Here’s how to combat age-related inflammation.


6 minute read

Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Now is a great time for a "spring detox" for your health and home. Here are tips that can help you.

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4 minute read

Be encouraged: the cardio benefits of infrared saunas offer a form of heart exercise.

Saunaing actually offers a real solution to getting your heart working without demanding physical strain. Studies support the value of a sauna session as a form of cardiovascular exercise that we call “passive cardio” because it allows you to sit back and relax while your heart gets pumping.

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9 minute read

The Science of Infrared for Heart Health

There’s more research on infrared sauna and cardiovascular health than any other topic. Thirty years of study has consistently provided compelling evidence that infrared helps the heart in many ways.