Self-Care Hacks for Busy People

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month! Yes, you read that right. In our technology-driven world, we are accustomed to being “on” and available 24/7 that we actually need to raise awareness about taking care of ourselves.    This initiative was started by Evolve to Live to remind us that simple self-care is essential to our longevity. We are so consumed with deadlines, schedules, and endless inboxes, that we forget to do basic things like eat and breathe.   At Sunlighten, we want to change the way the world thinks about wellness and are committed to empowering others to live healthier lives, which is …

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Golfers Find Quicker Recovery and More Rounds with Infrared

Golfers suffer from an array of injuries while playing their sport, from the very common neck injury to the strain on their backs from the walking, twisting, and eventual swinging of the club. Back pain is particularly tough on golfers as when your back is affected with pain, your whole body can become disjointed, and playing the game itself, much less even a simple putting stroke, can become impossible. All athlete’s bodies suffer from constant wear and tear, and what has become nearly as important as how they train, is how they rebound from a workout or game day. The …

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Hot Yoga at Home

Attention all hot yoga and Bikram yoga fans: sometimes the fast pace of daily life prevents us from fitting in our regular yoga workout. Fortunately, Sunlighten has a variety of home saunas, such as the mPulse eMPOWER and Signature IV, that are easily configured to allow ample space for a single person to pose …whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. Even our one-person and two-person models can provide enough space for some static hot yoga poses. Listed below are eight poses you can do in any Sunlighten cabin sauna. All benches are removable to make additional space for …

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The 5 Most Effective Natural Ingredients for Young-Looking Skin

What You Put in is What You Get Out When it comes to foods that help you look younger, feel younger, avoid and overcome disease and live longer, remember that you are what you eat. It’s also true of the ingredients you “feed” your skin through topical application! If you want your skin to look dry, wrinkled, loose, and toxic — and you want to feel toxic in the process — feed your skin cosmetics containing non-organic, artificial ingredients. However, you’re likely reading this because you truly do want to look and feel your best and live long and well …

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Maintaining a Healthy Mind in Uncertain Times

If you’re stressed about the pandemic, you aren’t alone. According to June 2020 data from, 46% of Americans say they’re “very worried” or “fairly worried” they could suffer serious illness or death from COVID-19.[1] Health anxiety is perhaps the primary stress, but other stresses are significant too. The fear of losing your job. The fear of relatives contracting the coronavirus. The fear that your childrens’ education will suffer. Significant chunks of the global population are feeling these fears, and many are caused by one thing: Uncertainty. Nobody knows what’s coming next, or when and if things will return to …

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What’s your motivation for getting a good sweat session in each day? Maybe it’s the overall health benefits of daily workouts. Or keeping your health in check to keep up with your growing family. Or maybe it’s the euphoric high you feel after you’ve completed your workout. Whatever your motivation is to sweat, getting started and being in the right mindset isn’t as easy as it sounds. Imagine it’s a peaceful Sunday afternoon, you’re sitting down on your living room couch watching TV, when all of a sudden your phone unexpectedly starts vibrating. You never get random calls like this …


Feel Prideful During Pride Month

Everyone wants to feel included; everyone wants to feel normal. Sometimes fitting in is the easiest route but man, I wasn’t made to fit in. Hello! My name is Sam Gegen and I am a very PROUD and PRIDEFUL Sunlighten Team member that has been with the company and more importantly, family, for almost six years. Throughout my journey I struggled with accepting my identity and also with addiction. During Pride month, it makes me extremely grateful to have recognized this and continue to work on it while being the voice for so many who are struggling either with addiction …

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Lyme Disease, the Great Imitator

A Few Basics About Lyme Disease Lyme Disease is the most common vector-borne multi-systemic disease in the USA and Europe, caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. This is only one of many species in the worldwide family of Borrelia. It is transmitted by: Mosquitos and fleas Biting insects Blood transfusions Sexual intercourse Trans-Placental to Fetus Unpasteurized Mild Breast Feeding Food Symptoms of People Diagnosed with Lyme Disease Severe headaches and neck stiffness Erythema migrans (EM) rashes on the bite sight or other areas of the body Facial palsy (loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of …

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Tips and Tricks to Boosting Your Mental Health

Daily life with the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stressors—stressors most Americans have no experience dealing with. In fact, in a review of 3,166 papers examining the psychological impact of quarantine on mental health, 24 of which were included in an article published in the Lancet in March 2020, most studies reported negative psychological effects from quarantine including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, and anger. Stressors included longer quarantine duration, infection fears, frustration, boredom, inadequate supplies, inadequate information, financial loss, and stigma. Some researchers have suggested long-lasting effects1. According to a report from the pharmacy benefit management company, Express Scripts, between mid-February …

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Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Stuck at home because of the recent stay-at-home orders issued in communities across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Look at the bright side. This is a great time to take stock of your health and do a “spring detox” for your body and home, reducing the impact of the long winter months and the stress we’re all under right now. Here are some tips that can help you take charge of your health today, and rid your body of toxins. Body and Mind 1. See the sun? Get some. With spring officially here, the days are longer and …

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