Not just a supplier, we are your partner.

Sunlighten is so dedicated to helping our commercial customers, we opened Sunlight Day Spa to truly learn and understand the marketplace. Yes, you read that correctly. We opened a commercial facility in order to help your business. With eight years of facility ownership and serving as the preferred vendor to thousands of businesses worldwide, we know how to incorporate Sunlighten treatments for success and look forward to helping you do the same.

commercial sunlight day spa saunas

Sunlight Day Spa

Sunlighten infrared therapy is so powerful for improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles that we think it should be available to everyone. That’s why we opened the Sunlighten Day Spa in 2008. In fact, we just doubled our space because we were always booked to capacity. We discovered how to market Sunlighten treatments to increase client demand and maximize revenue with the right pricing, packages and retail add-ons. And we've boxed up that success model to make it easy for your business.

3 Ways to Increase Profitability