Diane Kazer's Total Body Transformation Secret to Cleanse Toxins & Trauma:
Her Sunlighten Sauna

✓ Detox    ✓ Hormone Balance    ✓ Fat Loss   
✓ Mental Health   ✓ Anti-Aging

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Having a Full Spectrum Sauna is the #1 High Impact Easy to do Hormone & Health Hack I recommend to all my clients. There is no better way to burn 500+ calories per hour while relaxing your body, calming your mind and silencing symptoms. Not just ANY sauna...Sunlighten is my Go To 'hot hut' to Cleanse your Body, Heal your Hormones and Ignite your Life, from the inside out.

~ Diane Kazer

Sunlighten is Diane Kazer's #1 Sauna Choice

Because our Solocarbon technology is proven to deliver the highest dose of pure infrared energy - up to 99% effective

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Red Light Therapy on the Go

Exclusive Savings for Diane Kazer Subscribers.
Save $100 + $99 Shipping on any Sunlighten sauna! Mention code “Diane Kazer” for discount.

More on the Healing Benefits of Sunlighten Saunas

Spring Detox Tips for Your Body and Home

Stuck at home because of the recent stay-at-home orders issued in communities across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Look at the bright side. This is a great time to take stock of your health and do a “spring detox” for your body and home, reducing the impact of the long winter months and the stress we’re all under right now. Here are some tips that can help you take charge of your health today, and rid your body of toxins. Body and Mind 1. See the sun? Get some. With spring officially here, the days are longer and

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6 Unknown Benefits of Sunlight

People are inundated with the dangers of exposure to too much of the sun’s rays, but too little sunshine is detrimental as well. Sunlight exposure is thought to increase the release of serotonin by the brain. This hormone is associated with mood boosts as well as keeping people focused and calm. Sunlight also shuts down melatonin, which makes us sleepy. This keeps the body’s day and night cycle regulated. Sunlight further improves health in a variety of ways. 1. Soak Up Vitamin D When people spend time outside, particularly when the sun is out, they are helped in the manufacture

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At Sunlighten, we want to change the way the world thinks about wellness. We’re committed to innovating wellness products and services you can use to improve your quality of life. And we’re building a global community of businesses, consumers, and trusted experts to support you every step of the way.
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