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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do the colors on my Full Spectrum control panel mean?

The FS heater has a separate control that displays its heat intensity in three color codes: blue, green and red. Blue is the lowest intensity, and red is the maximum setting.

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Does my Amplify have both near and far infrared?

The Amplify series features SoloCarbon heaters that emit all three wavelengths of infrared, full-spectrum. Our patented technology has a highly emissive coating that delivers the highest quality AND quantity of infrared heat for therapeutic results. SoloCarbon panels are the only far infrared heaters

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How do I find my sauna serial number?

You can find your sauna serial number in multiple ways.

  1. Serial number can be found on the tag attached to the door of your unit; if the unit is brand new. 
  2. Serial number can be found on the outside back wall of the unit. 
  3. Serial number can be found on original sales order that is emailed to the customer.  
  4. For mPulse saunas, the serial numbers will be located next to the plaque on ....

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