Infrared Sauna Detox

Infrared sauna detox open the body’s pathways naturally.

Feeling held back by your body can be frustrating when you want to live an active life. Our modern world exposes us to environmental toxicants1 and stress, causing inflammation and accelerated aging. Sunlighten infrared saunas promote a deep, detoxifying sweat, naturally supporting your body's elimination processes for enhanced vitality and longevity. 

Living fully after Lyme disease.

Growing up as a competitive swimmer with Olympic potential, Liz Floyd fought a silent battle with Lyme disease before much was known about it. Listen to her journey to overcome the effects of it and how infrared sauna helped her detoxify from the effects, and has become a powerful tool to maintain her health and fulfill her hopes of living fully.

Sunlighten infrared sauna detox is a more enjoyable and productive sweat.

Sunlighten’s highly efficient, patented SoloCarbon® infrared heating technology gives you the best detoxification experience because it is clinically proven to raise core body temperature by three degrees.2 You experience a deep, productive sweat from your cells as the SoloCarbon infrared waves penetrate your skin and heat your core to expel the toxins, rather than just sitting in hot, ambient air that only heats your outer skin.

This creates an enjoyable experience of more productive sweat, rather than an uncomfortable, stifling hot and less-productive sweat.

Family enjoying sauna together

Sweating supports detoxification.

Healthy bodies have healthy cells managing the chemical exchanges with nutrients and minerals for a vibrant life. Environmental toxins can hinder that, affecting energy, stamina, pain, insomnia, obesity, mental health and more. 3 Perspiration, respiration and elimination are the natural ways our bodies expel the metabolic waste produced inside us. We can help our bodies get rid of and prevent build up through natural detox therapies that support the body’s natural detox work of the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Sweating is good for you.

It’s one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Alternative medicine widely embraces sauna detox for treatment. Researchers have long told us how the body sweats out toxin build-up, including heavy metals. 4, 5, 6 As long as you maintain proper hydration, the more you safely sweat, the more toxicants you’ll expel from your skin and body.

Not all sweat is the same. Neither are all saunas.

Infrared sauna detox isn’t new. Just better.

Sunlighten saunas are more effective at detoxing. Renowned detoxification expert Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt suggests using far infrared saunas in heavy metal detox protocol. He states that infrared mobilizes specific toxins, like mercury, in deeper tissues making infrared saunas an effective solution for toxin removal.6


A whole-body longevity modality.

You’re on a mission to stay healthy and active for as long as possible. Detoxification is just one of the many ways infrared sauna impacts longevity. While you relax in comfort, our patented infrared sauna goes to work on several biomarkers of aging to make health improvements that are linked with reversing biological age, and help fight age-related diseases to support overall well-being and vitality.


Sweating is one of the best ways to detox your body. Every time we sweat, we’re flushing out the toxic substances and heavy metals that we encounter in everyday life. Infrared sauna therapy promotes this process [...] by heating your body from the inside to expel them from deep down.

Dr. Amy Myers
MD, New York Times bestselling author and functional medicine physician

Which sauna is right for me?

Choosing the right sauna means looking at your lifestyle, your health and longevity goals. Whether you want relaxation, deep detoxification, or reversing your biological age, Sunlighten infrared saunas will help you achieve goals on your wellness journey. From weight loss to muscle recovery and skin rejuvenation, our patented infrared technology will restore your body and your mind.

Select your health benefit needs and how many people you want room for in your sauna to learn which options are best for you. 

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