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August 01, 2023

Sauna, Detox and Heart Health from a Holistic Cardiologist

Longevity, Heart Health, Detoxification

Why we love our guest – Dr. Jack Wolfson brings to us the best of both worlds. He is a board-certified cardiologist as well as a trained integrative, holistic practitioner with a passion for natural, preventative care. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Jack Wolfson started out after med school as a cardiologist trained to look at pharmaceuticals and surgery to address heart problems. Early on in his career, his father developed a disease that no one could explain. Without any knowledge of what was causing the problems, the medical community had no answers.

Holistic heart health from an integrative cardiologist

In this video, you'll discover: 

1:54 – Dr. Wolfson’s shift to natural health

4:50 – How to detox naturally for heart health 

6:15 – Sauna’s role in heart health and detox 

7:30 – Nutrition for detoxification 

8:19 – Importance of seafood and organs in your diet 

12:05 – Additional supplements for heart health and detox 

13:38 – Types of binders 

14:05 – Dr. Wolfson’s tips for drinking water 

16:00 – Healthy lifestyle for detox 

16:30 – Importance of sleep

17:35 – Skin is like a solar panel

18:25 – Find your happy 

22:45 – Where and how to get book, Paleo Cardiologist 

26:31 – Final takeaways 

In their search, Wolfson met a chiropractor who explained why his father was sick and enlightened him about the importance of finding root causes and the power to prevent many diseases. That encounter altered the course of his life. Wolfson became committed to becoming a different kind of D.C. -- a “doctor of cause.” He pursued and created a natural, integrative holistic cardiology practice and has been helping patients keep their hearts healthy for two decades since. His goal is for his patients to have a “Hundred-Year Heart,” and he provides natural strategies and solutions to reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.

What to expect - This episode of Sunlighten Spotlight is an education on natural care for your heart, and offers some wonderful insights, practical tips, protocols and hope. Dr. Wolfson and our Co-Founder Connie Zack explore a lot of questions our sauna community will find helpful and enlightening, as well as anyone on a holistic health journey to optimize their bodies and live empowered.

Compelling highlights – Wolfson is an advocate and teacher of prevention. People with heart issues have plenty of pharmaceuticals for treatment, but Wolfson believes making changes in how we live and eat helps prevent problems. Some of the topics he covers in this conversation include:

  • Food can be causative to disease, so he recommends specific nutrition for heart health.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, getting adequate sunshine, emotional and mental wellbeing, and environmental toxins all play into heart health. He explains more.
  • Detoxifying naturally helps the heart, and sauna plays a role in creating a heart for longevity.
  • How to stop putting chemicals in our body through food choices.
  • Advice on the benefits of eating wild seafood and organs, and which ones are best. Wolfson explains which fish are prone to more toxins and allays concerns about eating fish.
  • Offers informative details about important enzymes like glutathione and omega-3’s role in detoxification.
  • Binders increase phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification. He discusses the importance of binders for working with sauna to usher toxins out of the body

Protocol recommendations – Dr. Wolfson offers some suggestions for practices to incorporate with sauna to optimize detoxification for heart health:

  • Binders – To help flush toxins out through the liver as well, he recommends taking a binder such as activated charcoal, organic psyllium husk, or chlorella to bind up and excrete chemicals.
  • Water – Explains his thoughts on water and recommends replacing lost fluids with quality, clean water. Also recommends Pellegrino in glass, because it is high in sulfur, an important amino acid building block for detoxification. Avoid drinking water out of plastic containers.
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