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The lotus blossoms with the light every day. Like that beautiful flower, you can find hope in stories, studies, and scientific a-ha moments that enlighten our mind and encourage our heart. The lotus symbolizes an overcoming spirit. Rooted in dark, muddy waters, it finds a way to thrive. As you spur yourself on through struggles and challenges, we want to help. We are constantly gathering the brightest ideas to help you on your journey of wholeness and well-being. Let this place be a resource for you.

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Mental Health

3 minute read

Restorative Time for Body and Mind with Elena Brower

Sauna, stillness, and silence have the power to increase your overall state of well-being. It’s a counter-cultural message, but a true one expressed and lived beautifully by Elena Brower. Discover how and why this experienced meditation and yoga guide values sitting in her sauna for self-healing in this special Sunlighten Spotlight.


12 minute read

Sauna Detox: The Toxin Connection to Autoimmunity

A detoxification expert and functional medicine physician, Dr. Amy Myers, explains what can awaken an autoimmune disease in the body, what you can do to prevent it, and how infrared sauna detox can help in this informative article.

Light Science

1 minute read

Red Light: The Difference Between Red Chromotherapy and Red Light Therapy

Red light all looks the same and that has created a lot of confusion for people trying to understand different light therapies. In this short informational video, we explain three differences that will help clear up confusion about red chromotherapy and red light therapy.


8 minute read

What exactly are these Infrared Sauna Blankets?

There is a lot of noise about infrared sauna blankets these days. There’s not a lot of research on these products but based on our expertise studying infrared light and innovating technologies, we share our insights into sauna blankets and how they compare to Sunlighten’s personal infrared sauna product.


5 minute read

How Infrared Saunas Can Boost Your Immune System During Cold and Flu Season

Viruses can only make you sick if your immune system allows it. Here, we will discuss how infrared saunas can help strengthen your immune system for the cold and flu season.