Hot Yoga at Home in an Infrared Sauna

Hot Yoga in Infrared SaunaAre you a fan of hot yoga, power vinyasa yoga or Bikram yoga? Did you know that you can use Sunlighten infrared heaters to create a hot yoga space for yourself at home?

Hot yoga is believed to help the body sweat out toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely come deeper into asanas (poses or stretches). The room temperature for a hot yoga class in a studio generally ranges from 30˚ to 50˚ C (85˚ to 122˚ F).

In the various forms of hot yoga, the room is heated to warm the muscles and induce sweat. Warm muscles stretch further and with reduced risk of injury (great for yoga poses!). Because stretching is an effective way to increase flexibility, hot yoga can help improve range of motion, prevent injuries, and help heal from previous injuries.

The heat increases the pulse and the body burns more calories in its efforts to stay cool while exercising. Heat dilates capillaries, distributing oxygen more effectively to muscles, glands, organs and other tissues, helping to remove toxins.

Hot yoga can also assist with weight loss, exercise and stress reduction – all in one session. Because hot yoga increases the pulse rate, the body works to regulate its temperature, increasing calorie expenditure without the impact on joints of other higher impact exercise.

Exercise, deep breathing, and meditation have been shown to reduce stress levels, and hot yoga combines all three.

While some of our smaller infrared saunas might not be spatially conducive to the performance of many yoga poses, our three-person, four-person, and five-person models all have ample space for a single person to pose. Even the one-person and two-person models can host some modified or more static hot yoga poses.

To learn more about the dimensions of our saunas and the benefits of infrared sauna before, during or after your yoga session, please contact one of our infrared sauna specialists.

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