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May 12, 2022

From Fatigue to Fully Living: Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Thyroid 

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We love being part of improving our customers’ quality of life. As infrared light science innovators and thought leaders, we create products and share knowledge that promotes hope, healing and wellness, so people can feel better and do more of what they love. Sherie Holland shares how her Sunlighten infrared sauna has helped her have more energy to live life fully, without a thyroid. 

How Infrared Sauna Helps One Woman After Thyroidectomy

In this video, you'll discover: 

0:01  Showing up to fully live takes energy 

0:21  Meet Sherie Holland, mPulse Conquer owner 

0:26  Illness led to thyroid nodule discovery 

0:45  Near-death experience led to thyroid removal 

0:50  Things got worse with medication 

1:14   Years of searching for alternatives 

1:18   Infrared sauna use for detoxification 

1:25   Infrared sauna helped her in many ways 

1:33  Sherie’s infrared sauna routine 

1:45  Programs she loves 

2:10  How saunaing helps her 

2:24  Having energy to show up for her family 

At one point in Sherie Holland’s life, her health declined so severely, she followed medical advice to surgically remove her thyroid. That tiny gland produces hormones that control every aspect of the body’s metabolism. It had a large impact on the quality of her life, creating other struggles including fatigue, sleep difficulty and depression. After many years of self-learning and searching for alternative therapies to help, she purchased a Sunlighten infrared sauna. Watch Sherie share how her Sunlighten mPulse Conquer helped change the way she felt in many ways and continues to give her energy to show up for her family, and life, in this inspiring 3-minute video. 

More Resources 

For more information on the health benefits of infrared saunas that Sherie mentions, visit our Health Benefits pages. Sherie’s personal struggles gave her a passion for thyroid health and led her to want to help others by sharing what she’s learned about holistic wellness. To learn more about Sherie and her thyroid health journey, visit Recontrol Health. Our partner Dr. Isabella Wentz specializes in lifestyle changes to heal and help thyroid issues and is another great resource. Check out her blog about the benefits of infrared sauna for thyroid. 




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