What is Infrared?

Infrared is light, for life.

Nature gives us infrared light. You can’t see it with your eyes, but you know it. It’s that good feeling you get the moment the sun comes out on a cloudy day. It’s the warmth you love to soak up at the beach or next to a fire.

Infrared is the healthy, healing rays that come from the sun, the ones that feel like a hug. It also helps plants bloom. The right amount helps stems grow fast and strong. Everything in nature needs it to live. And we don’t get enough of it in our modern world. 

Watch this video to “see” infrared in action.

Animation helps make what’s invisible visible, so we created this 2-minute video to help you better understand what infrared is and how our bodies interact with it. Our bodies are like solar panels designed to absorb infrared light, which activates our body’s cells for vitality and energy. Watch to learn more!

Why People Trust Sunlighten’s Infrared Light Therapy

Patented Infrared

Sunlighten’s SoloCarbon® far infrared heaters are patented, meaning when you choose Sunlighten you can have peace of mind that you are getting the most infrared-dense sauna on the market for most effective results.



Sunlighten’s heaters are third-party tested 95-99% emissive, which proves our patented heaters and combinations of wavelengths in all of our saunas do what we say they do: emit the wavelengths the body absorbs best.


Purest Frequency

Only Sunlighten technology delivers specific infrared wavelengths that are dialed in to what the body absorbs best, like tuning your radio to the clearest channel, or like choosing supplements that are pure and free of extra fillers.



One size doesn’t fit all and only Sunlighten’s technologies give you option to choose the experience you want for yourself. From the simplicity of a single button in a Signature or Amplify to the world’s only sophisticated Smart Sauna with 6 pre-set wellness programs.



We led the infrared sauna industry by being the first to combine light science with published studies of how infrared affects the body; other companies followed us. We have the patent on our heaters and NASA-inspired LED panels which means only ours emit precise wavelength combinations.


Proven Technology

Studies are costly and complex. Not many sauna companies have had clinical studies done on their saunas. Sunlighten has three studies using our technology that have proven ours temporarily lower BP, reduce waist size and increase flexibility.


Sunlighten’s Specific Wavelengths

Like dials on a radio station, there are many frequencies of infrared and its next-door neighbor, visible red light (infrared means “below red”). With a commitment to ongoing in-depth research, study and innovation, we’ve dialed in our wavelengths to specific infrared and red light wavelengths. We focused on the science and studies that show these are best absorbed by the body and most effective for optimal wellbeing, vitality and longevity. Here’s an overview of each of Sunlighten’s wavelengths, and what they activate in your body:

Far Infrared

- Foundational infrared wavelength (9.4 microns)

- Only FIR heater clinically proven to raise core body temp 3°

- Absorbed by water cells

- Activates sweat glands, deep detoxifying sweat

- Energizes and revitalizes, not draining heat

- 95-99% emissivity = maximum absorption/bioavailable wavelengths

Sunlighten’s Science Advisory Board

These experts contribute to our understanding of infrared light science and how infrared interacts with the body, providing a variety of perspectives on the spectrum of health and wellness practices—from alternative to traditional medical approach.

Experience Infrared

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