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Dynamic Sauna: U.S. Patent 8,588,593; 9,744,098; 8,676,044; 10,376,442
Magnetically Coupled Modular Sauna: U.S Patent 7,458,111
Sauna Heating Element With High Emissivity Coating: U.S. Patent 8,737,827
Personal Sauna Unit with Integrated Chromotherapy Lighting: U.S Patent 10,616,955
Sauna System Having Communicating and Networking Capability: U.S. Patent Converted
Personal Portable Therapy Chamber: U.S. Patent Converted

Sauna: U.S. Patent D663,853; D698,033
Sauna Exterior: U.S. Patent D663,855
French Door Sauna: U.S. Patent D663,854
Sauna Control Unit: U.S Patent D783,002
Sauna Exterior: U.S. Patent D685,102; D687,955; D676,925; D676,972; D676,973; D676,974

U.S. Registrations:
Sunlighten: 4,272,593
Sunlight Day Spa: 3,817,215
Empowering Wellness: 3,909,091
Sweat for Life: 3,633,661
Signature: 3,648,200
mPulse: 4,150,495
Solo: 3,147,577
SoloCarbon: 3,147,638
SoloPad: 3,053,817
Spungi: 3,011,391
3 in 1: 5,000,412
lumiNIR: 6,003,508
lumiSPORT: 5,933,560
lumiCLEAR: 5,985,504
Light for Life: Pending

Canada Registrations:
SoloCarbon: TMA 688,140
Solo: TMA 691,02

Please note that several international applications are pending.

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