Amplify II

Hotter. Faster. Full Spectrum. 2 Person Sauna.

An Amplify series sauna gets hotter, heats fast and delivers the detox, cardio and recovery benefits of Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon® infrared. It promises productivity. Stay on schedule with a quick warm-up. Stay ahead of your game with intense heat. Sweat deep. Extend your workout with passive cardio while you recover. All the health benefits on your time. 


The Amplify full spectrum sauna gives you maximum physical benefits and time savings at an affordable price. Here's what you'll experience with an Amplify 2 person sauna:

The Amplify II delivers what its name promises because of the unique full spectrum heater mix. Two heater types work together. Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon far infrared heaters send the high quality and high quantity infrared wavelengths for maximum cellular absorption, halogen heaters push the air temp up to 165 degrees F, all with Sunlighten’s proprietary design that produces virtually no EMFs.

 It’s simple to use, heats up fast and delivers the intense heat of a traditional sauna and the deep core sweat of a Sunlighten infrared sauna. Get in, sweat hard, get out. No gadgets or bells and whistles. Simple controls allow you to easily adjust the temperature setting to suit your preference if one of your users enjoys a less intense heat. Program the 24-hour timer to have your infrared sauna therapy experience ready whenever you want. Enjoy a productive pause in silence or play your ultimate playlist on your premium sound system while you recover.

Product Specifications


    Width: 50.9"

    Depth: 45.9"

    Height: 77.7" Includes 2" Feet

    Door Opening: 28"


    Basswood: 456 lbs.

    Eucalyptus: 541 lbs.


    4 FIR
    2 Full Spectrum (500W each)
    *No floor heaters


    Width: 45.4"

    Depth: 39.9"

    Height: 70.3"


    120V 1880W 15.67A NEMA 5-20 Dedicated 120V 20A circuit and outlet required


    Width: 45.2"

    Depth: 20.2"

    Height from Floor: 19.5"


  • Durable
  • Sustainable/Green/Renewable
  • Fragrance-free
The Amplify II

The Amplify II two-person sauna fits an active, busy lifestyle and attitude. It maximizes your sauna time. You’ll feel like your session is productive because inside your cabin the higher heat produces a noticeable sweat with 165-degree temps. You’ll know your time was well spent because Sunlighten’s unique SoloCarbon far infrared is clinically proven to penetrate deeper to increase core body temperature. Extend your workout benefits while you recover. Remove the bench to do sit ups, crunches or stretches while the infrared waves penetrate deep, fast and meaningfully to detoxify your body, increase circulation, aid muscle recovery and help relieve pain. Built-in chromotherapy adds another layer of light therapy for energetic balance and mental wellbeing. And, set up and assembly are no sweat using Sunlighten’s Magne-Seal locking system. It’s an investment in your present and long-term well-being. Amplify II makes it count.


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