Converting Traditional Sauna or Steam Room to Infrared

Sunlighten’s custom saunas allow you to have the health benefits of our patented Solocarbon® heaters in a custom design that fits your home, office, hotel, spa or fitness center.

Sunlighten can convert traditional saunas and steam rooms into customized infrared saunas.

Custom saunas include:

  • In house design of sauna interior
  • LED lighting
  • Glass door (ADA compliant glass doors are available)
  • Sunlighten control panel
  • Installation (if needed)
  • Premium sustainably sourced Eucalyptus* wood (other wood options are available upon request)
  • Custom Pre-Fab CAD design
  • ETL Certified

*Eucalyptus wood is fragrance free – the scent from Eucalyptus is located in the leaves not the branches or trunk

To receive a quote on a custom sauna or to ask questions, please contact Alicia at (913) 890-2821

Please provide the following information when requesting a quote:

  1. Please provide dimensions and spec sheets, if available
  2. Is installation provided by your contractor or shall we include it in the quote?
  3. Are you interested in an exterior and interior design or only the interior?
  4. Is ADA compliancy required?
  5. What is the timeframe of your project?

Sunlighten has led the infrared sauna industry for 20 years and continues to develop products which empower wellness. As worldwide demand for our modular infrared saunas continues to grow, custom sauna requests are also in high demand. Whether you are building, renovating or wanting to convert a traditional sauna or steam room to infrared, Sunlighten can design a unique sauna that fits your space.