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Custom Saunas

Customize that spa feeling right at home. Bring the best infrared to your clients.

Whether you are building, renovating, or wanting to convert a traditional sauna or steam room to infrared, Sunlighten can design a unique sauna that fits your space exactly the way you want it. With Sunlighten’s custom saunas, you get our patented SoloCarbon® heaters, offering far infrared and all the health benefits that come with it, in a custom design that fits your home, office, hotel, spa, fitness center, or any business, for that matter.

Work with the industry leader to create a custom sauna that gives you the best infrared technology available. Sunlighten has a patent on their custom saunas from the design to the materials to the process itself. For more than 20 years, Sunlighten has led the infrared sauna industry, innovating infrared and creating beautiful spaces to support your wellness journey in a stylish sanctuary. Our experts manage the process with care from the moment you meet with us until you're closing the door on your sauna.


Feel confident when you choose Sunlighten.


Craftsmanship and safety standards set Sunlighten apart. We are the only manufacturer with ETL certification. ETL-certified components are installed, including wiring and electronics. A third-party company has tested our VOC levels to find only trace levels with no airborne metals, sulfur dioxide, or carbon black.

Our saunas are made with 100% premium wood throughout the entire cabin – no hidden plywood. All wood is ¾” tongue-and-groove for greater strength and durability. Extensive third-party testing has been conducted to ensure all our materials are safe and non-toxic.


Imagine the possibilities.

Sunlighten is amazing! Really appreciate all of the help and extra coordination from Tracy to help build our custom saunas. The process has been so smooth, the product is stellar, the samples are fantastic, and customer service is unparalleled. No other sauna company has even come close in any regard. Thanks for making this so easy - I plan on using Sunlighten for every project moving forward. 

Andrea Ashton
Variant Co. Interior Designer