Susan’s Secret Weight Loss Tool:
Her Sunlighten Sauna

✓ Effortless Detox   ✓ More Energy   ✓ Less Stress

A Brilliant, Natural Detoxifier

Sweating is the body’s safest way to heal and stay healthy. A Sunlighten sauna is an effective tool for just that. We accumulate and store toxins in our fat cells which contribute to weight loss resistance, autoimmune issues and chronic fatigue. Sunlighten infrared light therapy is a brilliant, natural detoxifier at the cellular level.

Our patented infrared heaters are the only sauna heaters clinically shown to increase core body temperature1, reduce belly fat2 and reduce blood pressure3. Plus, it just feels so darn good! After a long day on a cold night, a Sunlighten sauna session feels like a little piece of heaven.
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There is a mountain of evidence on infrared sauna use showing that it is as foundational as diet and exercise. Sauna use is a miracle practice.
This is my sauna. I love it. I use it. I benefit from it.

~ Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

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Susan's #1 Sauna Choice

Only Sunlighten's patented Solocarbon technology is proven to deliver the highest dose of pure infrared energy - up to 99% effective.

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Why Top Wellness Experts Love Sunlighten

"One of my mental health brain hacks that I absolutely love and has helped me so much, and that is my Sunlighten sauna. I have one at my house, and when I'm not traveling, I have a sauna every single day. This is where I really relax and wind down from the pressures of life. I can feel my metabolism and clarity of thought has improved. If I am feeling a little foggy, I find that my sauna really clears it up. I just have so much energy after a Sunlighten sauna session!"

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Communication Pathologist & Cognitive Neuroscientist

"I use my Sunlighten Sauna two or three times a week, every week. As a busy executive and mom, I have very few minutes to myself. Nothing helps me relax and detox in the little time I have available like my personal sauna!"

Amy Myers, MD

Amy Myers, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor & New York Times Best-selling Author

Exclusive Savings for Bright Line Eating Subscribers. Save $200 + $99 SHIPPING on any Sunlighten sauna! Mention code "BLE" for discount. Ends 4.30.20

More on the Healing Benefits of Sunlighten Saunas

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[1] Core Tempature Study using a Sunlighten Solo Portable Sauna

[2]  Dr. Richard Beever BSc, MD, CCFP. Do Far-Infrared Saunas have Measurable Health Benefits? A Sequential Longitudinal Interrupted Time Series Design Study. 2009. Dr. Richard Beever BSc, MD, CCFP. Do Far-Infrared Saunas have Cardiovascular Benefits in People with Type 2 Diabetes? Canadian Journal of Diabetes 2010; 34 (2) :113 – 118.

[3]  Becky Edwards, M.D., Heather Kort D.O, Faculty Staff Advisor: Dr. John Foxworth, PharmD. A Study of the Health Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy – Conducted by the University of Missouri, Kansas City, 2005.


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